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5 hours ago, WestHamCanadianinOxford said:

I did notice the stadium as well and agree. 

And Rangers fans belting out God Save the Queen at the end.

But to my actual point - Arfield was good and generally clean going forward but completely vital defensively: on the the cover, with defensive headers etc.  Helped hold them in when one goal would have put them out. 

Playing with Burnley in the Premier League will give you that.

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52 minutes ago, El Diego said:

He's a very smart player, he understands where the ball is going to go based on how the opposition's body is shaped, the spin of the ball, etc. One of those guys that just inherently understands the game.

Yeah, we are lucky to have him.  He is not blessed with amazing physical gifts and that's why he has been a bit player at the highest level but the fact that he has been there means he has used what he has very well.  Reminds me of Mark Noble at my club, not that that would mean much to many (Mark takes a better penalty.)  Our next generation can learn a lot from him. 

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6 hours ago, WestHamCanadianinOxford said:

Rangers get Leverkusen in the next round of the Europa League.

Could be easier.

Pretty tough match up. Rangers are firmly underdogs in this one. Would be a big accomplishment if they were to get past Leverkusen.

Arfield and Davies are the last Canadian players left in European competition. 

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