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Scott Arfield

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IMO he has a better chance of playing in a World Cup for us vs Scotland. Especially considering he has the resume to be an instant starter here and isn't getting a sniff for them. Now I'm sure he "feels Scottish" but we have seen many examples of players choosing countries for things other than loyalty. 

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We could look like this...




Hainault    Edgar     Henry    De Jong


            Hutch              Johnson



Teibert                                    Osorio




JdG, Piette and Bekker would all be pushed into depth roles and hutch might be able to influence the game even more with better players around him. On a side note, this team would win some games in MLS... I know that's not the bar we're going for, but I mean, we've been using bench players and rookies for the past year so it would be an improvement. 

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Just dreaming of Hutch and Arfield as CAM's in a 4-1-4-1, ahhhhhh....but then reality snapped me back to thinking this is a PR stunt by his agent to get Scotland to call him up.

You have reached your quota of reasonable posts for the day.

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