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2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship [R]


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In Honduras. This is our team.



GK- Brogan Engbers | CAN / Toronto FC

GK- Luciano Trasolini | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency

D- Matthew Baldisimo | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency

D- Gabriel Boakye | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

D- Dante Campbell | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

D- Kadin Chung | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency

D- Andrew Dias | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

D- Kosovar Sadiki | ENG / Stoke City Academy

M- Tristan Borges | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

M- Aidan Daniels | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

M- Rich Ennin | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

M- Thomas Mickoski | CAN / North Toronto Nitros

M- Harrison Paton | CAN / Fulham FC U-18 Academy

M- Munir Saleh | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency

M- Jean-Yves Tabla | unattached / sans club

F- Terran Campbell | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency

F- Duwayne Ewart | unattached / sans club

F- Malik Johnson | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

F- Cyrus Rollocks | CAN / Toronto FC Academy

F- Daniel Sagno | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency


IF you'll notice, Tabla is the only Quebec player listed. That's worrying. I thought the Impact academy team was dominating the USSDA?

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I don't have high hopes for this team. It seemed like they lost nearly every friendly they played this cycle.


While friendlies aren't an indication of future success (cough cough u20s), these guys just couldn't seem to put it together.


If I'm Joey Saputo, I'm asking my acaemy technical staff what the hell is going on after seeing this roster.


It's interesting to see many of these guys picked up by MLS academies over the last year after showing up on national team rosters being listed as playing with community clubs previously.

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It's interesting to see many of these guys picked up by MLS academies over the last year after showing up on national team rosters being listed as playing with community clubs previously.



that was the idea behind those ID camps, right? Or at least thats what I thought.


Also, anyone know anything about the two overseas guys?

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Mods, please delete my other post on this same topic. Optically challenged today :(


9 from TFC, 6 from the Caps and zero from Montreal? I don't get it either. We need all 3 to be pumping out players at all levels. Might just be growing pains at the Impact Academy. I hope that's all it is.

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I thought Ewart was at Whitecaps as well.  I think Sadiki at Stoke is new.  Paton has been with Fulhan for a while. 


It would be funny (re: funny good) if the U17s pull the opposite of the u20s.  U20s won everything until it counted then crashed.  U17s lost every game in the lead up, then qualify!

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Sadiki is interesting, he has ties to a bunch of countries. From what we know in this area is that he is good and he is likes playing for Canada. Saying that, Munir Saleh is definitely the star attraction, many of the coaches in Kitchener think he is better than Harry Paton, despite Paton and Sadiki being in England now. 



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According to Fleming, he only saw the Impact academy kids twice during his scouting reports. According to Duane Rollins it sounded like a resource issue.


Wow.   That is awful.  No wonder everybody isn't excepting this current U-17 team to qualify World Cup U-17 this time around.      

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GK: Brogan Engbers (Toronto FC/CAN); Luciano Trasolini (Vancouver Whitecaps FC/CAN)

DF: Matthew Baldisimo (Vancouver Whitecaps FC/CAN); Gabriel Boakye (Toronto FC/CAN); Kadin Chung (Vancouver Whitecaps FC/CAN); Andrew Dias (Toronto FC/CAN); Thomas Mickoski (North Toronto Nitros/CAN); Kosovar Sadiki (Stoke City FC/ENG)

MD: Tristan Borges (Toronto FC/CAN); Dante Campbell (Toronto FC/CAN); Aidan Daniels (Toronto FC/CAN); Richlord Ennin (Toronto FC/CAN); Duwayne Ewart (unattached); Malik Johnson (Toronto FC/CAN); Harrison Paton (Fulham FC/ENG); Munir Saleh (Vancouver Whitecaps FC/CAN); Ballou Tabla (unattached)

FW: Terran Campbell (Vancouver Whitecaps FC/CAN); Cyrus Rollocks (Toronto FC/CAN); Daniel Sagno (Vancouver Whitecaps FC/CAN)


GK: Luis Alejandro Barrientos Arguedas (Saprissa/CRC); Patrick Gilmar Sequeira Mejias (Limón FC/CRC)

DF: Pablo Cesar Arboine Carmona (Santos/CRC); Esteban Gonzalez Rivera (Saprissa/CRC); Luis Jose Hernandez Paniagua (Saprissa/CRC); Diego Armando Mesen Calvo (Alajuelense/CRC); Mario Andrés Morales Victor (Carmelita/CRC); Yostin Jafet Salinas Phillips (Limón FC/CRC); Ian Rey Smith Quiros (Santos/CRC); Daniel Villegas Mora (Alajuelense/CRC)

MD: Roberto José Córdoba Durán (San Carlos/CRC); Eduardo Luis Juarez Viales (Alajuelense/CRC); Jonathan Josue Martínez Solano (Carmelita/CRC); Aaron Gerardo Murillo Fonseca (Alajuelense/CRC); Sergio Antonio Nuñez Gutierrez (Carmelita/CRC); Brandon José Salazar Quirós (Carmelita/CRC)

FW: Jostin Akeem Daly Cordero (Herediano/CRC); Kevin Juan Masis Gonzalez (Santos /CRC); Andy Josue

Reyes Vado (Carmelita/CRC); Barlon Andres Sequeira Sibaja (Alajuelense/CRC)


GK: Yordanis Barreto (Camaguey/CUB); Jesus Enrique Hernandez (Matanzas/CUB); Lazaro Radame (La Habana/CUB)

DF: Carlos Borromeo (La Habana/CUB); Jeffrey Delgado (Artemisa/CUB); Yon Dayer Hernández (Villa Clara/CUB); Felipe Hurtado (Camaguey/CUB); Dariel Morejon (Villa Clara/CUB); Yonathan Ramirez (Matanzas/CUB); Omar Romero (Camaguey/CUB)

MD: Yordan Alonso (Camaguey/CUB); Jansiel Blanco (Cienfuegos/CUB); Serguey Campillo (Cienfuegos/CUB); Raycharles Herrera (Cienfuegos/CUB); Eduardo Puga (Santi Spiritus/CUB); Neysser Sandor (Cienfuegos/CUB)

FW: Nelson Betancourt (Guantanamo/CUB); Carlos Cebranco (Santi Spiritus/CUB); Yosniel González (Matanzas/CUB); Brian Savigne (Santiago de Cuba/CUB)


GK: Angel Leonel Castro Godoy (Coban Imperial/GUA); Gilder Gustavo Lemus Mejia (Achik/GUA)

DF: Gonzalo Gabriel Deras Gonzalez (Municipal/GUA); Fernando Jose Fuentes Pineda (Municipal/GUA); Abel Gerardo Lemus Cruz (Municipal/GUA); David Jose Ramos Garcia (Achik/GUA); Juan Diego Riley Cifuentes (Weston FC/USA); Mario Humberto Rodas Ramirez (unattached)

MD: Armando Anibal Aroche Lucero (Menedy/GUA); Stefan Behrens Melgar (Guatestars/GUA); Cesar Moises Orellana Marcos (Comunicaciones/GUA); Diego Fernando Raymundo Lima (unattached); Richard Francisco Rodriguez Reyes (Comunicaciones/GUA); Erick Estuardo Soto Aristondo (Municipal/GUA); Victor Manuel Valdez Yanes (unattached); Alvaro Josue Velasquez Hernandez (Guatestars/GUA)

FW: Oliver Alexander Diaz Choma (Comunicaciones/GUA); Esteban Gabriel Garcia Velasquez (Retalhuleu/GUA); Francisco Spross Cifuentes (unattached)


GK: Emmanuel Chery (Camp Nous/HAI); Bernadeau Constant (Camp Nous/HAI)

DF: John Peter Charles (Camp Nous/HAI); Peterson Jr Jeune (Camp Nous/HAI); Erickson Jr Joseph (EXAFOOT/HAI); Jérome Odilon (Camp Nous/HAI); Denilson Pierre (Camp Nous/HAI); Fardyson Pierre (Camp Nous/HAI); Denso Ulysse (Camp Nous/HAI)

MD: Bicou Bissainthe (Camp Nous/HAI); Kenley Dede (Camp Nous/HAI); Schneider Gay (Camp Nous/HAI); Johnson Jeudy (Camp Nous/HAI); Jacques Saul Metellus (Camp Nous/HAI); Fernandes Paul (Camp Nous/HAI)

FW: Berthelot R. Bellora Charles (Camp Nous/HAI); Davidson Claude (Camp Nous/HAI); Ronaldo Damus (Camp Nous/HAI); Thermidor Fils-Aime (Camp Nous/HAI); Jude Maitre (Camp Nous/HAI)


GK: Javier Alejandro Delgado Gamez (Honduras Progreso/HON); Michael Alexandru Perello Lopez (Platense/HON)

DF: Dylan Gerome Andrade Bodden (Platense/HON); Wesly Roberto Decas (Puma Liga Mayor/HON); Darwin Geovany Diego Mejia (Juvenil de Tela/HON); Denil Omar Maldonado Munguia (Motagua/HON); Victor Antonio Matamoros Flores (Olimpia/HON); Gabriel Eduardo Ortiz Jimenez (Olimpia/HON); Allan Rene Rivera Miralda (Real España/HON)

MD: Jorge Daniel Alvarez Rodas (Valencia/HON); Erick Antonio Arias Rodrigez (Hispano/HON); Oscar Renan Castro Amaya (Real España Reservas/HON); Jose Raul Galeano Donaire (Juvenil/HON); Jean Carlo Jassyr Vargas Drummond (Platense/HON)

FW: Kevin Geovanny Castro Romero (Motagua/HON); Foslyn Eggerton Grant Valladares (Motagua/HON); Wisdom Nilayettey Quaye July (Vida/HON); David Alejandro Sanchez Sauceda (Olimpia/HON); Oslin Jovany Sevilla Pinto (Real España/HON); Darixon Eniel Vuelto Perez (Victoria/HON)


GK: Akeem Habdulle Chambers (St. Jago/JAM); Jahmali Dante Waite (Jamaica College/JAM)

DF: Javain Okemio Brown (Kingston College/JAM); Fabian Dellando Grant (Camperdown/JAM); Jahlanie Sambo-Henry Hammond (Miramar United/USA); Jahwani Zidanie Hinds (Calabar High/JAM); Antoniel Dannivaun Mullings (Waterhouse FC/JAM); Ajeanie Khadeem Talbott (Jamaica College/JAM)

MD: Zaire Tobijah George Bartley (New York Red Bulls/USA); Deshane Robert Beckford (Ruseas/JAM); Tajea Romario Johnson Brown (Camperdown/JAM); Chris-Andrew Gaineil Dixon (Steths/JAM); Demar Anthony James (St. Elizabeth Tech/JAM); Alex Andre Marshall (St. George's/JAM); Shandel Romando Senior (Vere Technical/JAM); Peter Lee Vassell (Cornwall College/JAM); Hakim Farri Williams (Calabar High/JAM)

FW: Nathaniel Ayodele Adamolekun (Orlando City SC/USA); Donavan Patrick Dawkins (Jamaica College/JAM); Nicholas Anthoney Nelson (Hydel High/JAM)


GK: Fernando Daniel Hernández Montera (Monterrey/MEX); Abraham Isai Romero González (LA Galaxy/USA)

DF: Diego Cortes Padiuadala (Guadalajara/MEX); José Joaquín Esquivel Maacateínez (Mineros-Zacatecas/MEX); Cristian Osvaldo González Batista (Atlas/MEX); Edwin Lara Barrioachucos (Pachuca/MEX); Bryan Salazar Haruadalro (Guadalajara/MEX); Ulises Torres Méndméric (Club América/MEX); Francisco Eduardo Venegas Morachuco (Pachuca/MEX)

MD: Alan Jhosué Cervantes Muadaltín del Campo (Guadalajara/MEX); Iván Gutiérrez Lhivasez (Chivas USA/USA); Kevin Raúl Lara Herreragra (Santos Laguna/MEX); Pablo César López Martíachucz (Pachuca/MEX); Kevin Uriel Magaña Arauuadal (Guadalajara/MEX); Martín Rodríguez Ruerétera (Querétaro/MEX); Alejandro Zamudio Galudo (Pumas/MEX)

FW: Eduardo Daniel Aguirre Laragra (Santos Laguna/MEX); José Jesús Gurrola Casuadalo (Guadalajara/MEX); José Ramón Salas Sánchuadal (Guadalajara/MEX); Claudio Zamudio Godoreez (Morelia/MEX)


GK: Javier Cruz Wong (San Francisco FC/PAN); Marcos Melendez Perez (Tauro FC/PAN)

DF: Andres Andrade Cedeño (San Francisco FC/PAN); Cesar Blackman Camarena (Chorrillo FC/PAN); Emmanuel Chanis Muñoz (Chorrillo FC/PAN); John Del Busto Gutierrez (San Francisco FC/PAN); Kevin Nelson Yetman (C.A.I./PAN); Javier Rivera Castillo (Tauro FC/PAN)

MD: Luis Arias Morales (Arabe Unido/PAN); Chamell Asprilla Alarcon (Arabe Unido/PAN); Adalberto Carrasquilla Alcazar (Tauro FC/PAN); Jorge Gutierrez Cornejo (Tauro FC/PAN); Giandemir Jaen Rios (Houston Dynamo/USA); Carlos Kirton Urriola (Chepo FC/PAN); George Picart Calderon (Chievo Academy/PAN); Jose Rodriguez Francis (Chorrillo FC/PAN)

FW: Leandro Avila Santamaria (Chorrillo FC/PAN); Oliver Beckles Cooper (Sporting San Miguel/PAN); Ronaldo Cordoba Welch (Chepo FC/PAN); Damaso Santos Racines (Sporting San Miguel/PAN)


GK: Vino Barclett (Ange-ger Secondary/LCA); Viannie George (Ange-ger Secondary/LCA); Andre Gustave (Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary/LCA)

DF: Melvin Doxilly (Gros Islet Secondary School/LCA); O'Neal Edward (Babboneau Secondary School/LCA); Keeroy Lionel (Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary/LCA); Ryi Maryat (Micoud Secondary/LCA); Harrison Moffat (St. Mary's College/LCA); Alvinus Myers (Ange-ger Secondary/LCA); Anton Paul (Castries Comprehensive Secondary /LCA)

MD: Zachernus Simon (Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary/LCA); Lael Cherry (Castries Comprehensive Secondary /LCA); Bradley Cyril (Castries Comprehensive Secondary /LCA); Cassius Joseph (Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary/LCA); Jhadel Prospere (Sir Arthur Lewis Community School/LCA); Antoine Wilfred (Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary/LCA); Nyrone Winter (Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary/LCA)

FW: Noah Nicholas (Piaye Secondary School/LCA); Albertini Philip (unattached); Jamie Prospere (Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary/LCA)


GK: Levi Fernandez (Civic Centre FC/TRI); Tyrek James (Civic Centre FC/TRI)

DF: Isaiah Garcia (W Connection/TR); Darnell Hospedales (Civic Centre FC/TRI); Tekay Hoyce (St Ann's Rangers/TR); Keston Julien (W Connection/TR); Shirwin Noel (W Connection/TR)

MD: Joshua Burnett (Players Development Academy/USA); Morgan Bruce (unattached); Shobal Celestin (Civic Centre FC/TRI); Kishon Hackshaw (San Juan Jabloteh/TRI); Isaiah Hudson (W Connection/TRI); Kierron Mason (W Connection/TRI); Shakeem Patrick (St Ann's Rangers/TR); Noah Powder (New York Red Bulls/USA); Kareem Riley (W Connection/TR); John-Paul Rochford (FC 1 Santa Rosa/TRI)

FW: Jeankeon Alexander (San Juan Jabloteh/TRI); Chaz Burnett (Players Development Academy/USA); Jerren Nixon (Philadelphia Union/USA)


GK: William Pulisic (Richmond United/USA); Kevin Silva (Players Development Academy/USA)

DF: Tyler Adams (New York Red Bulls/USA); Hugo Arellano (LA Galaxy/USA); Daniel Barbir (West Bromwich Albion FC/ENG); Tanner Dieterich (Real Salt Lake Arizona/USA); John Nelson (Internationals Soccer Club/USA); Matthew Olosunde (New York Red Bulls/USA); Alexis Velela (San Diego Surf/USA)

MD: Eric Calvillo (Real SoCal/USA); Lucas de la Torre (Fulham FC/ENG); Thomas McCabe (Players Development Academy/USA); Christian Pulisic (Borussia Dortmund/GER); Alejandro Zendejas Saavedra (FC Dallas/USA)

FW: Pierre da Silva (Orlando City SC/USA); Orrin Gaines II (Lonestar SC/USA); Joe Gallardo Jr (Monterrey/MEX); Joshua Perez (unattached); Brandon Vazquez (Club Tijuana/MEX); Haji Wright (unattached)

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In came out on the U-17 press conference (via Two Solitudes) that Sean Fleming didn't have the chance to scout the Impact youth teams so he wasn't familiar with the players!? What the hell else is he doing? That is shocking and pretty close to a fire-able offence given that this level is about getting the best players in the system.

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In came out on the U-17 press conference (via Two Solitudes) that Sean Fleming didn't have the chance to scout the Impact youth teams so he wasn't familiar with the players!? What the hell else is he doing? That is shocking and pretty close to a fire-able offence given that this level is about getting the best players in the system.


Well we now have an excuse to get rid of Fleming once U-17 team is eliminated.  

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Not buying this.  I posted a list of players invited to U17 camps in one of these U17 threads and there were plenty of players from Quebec and/or the Impact.  It doesn't explain the lack of Quebec based players other than Tabla, but there were certainly lots of them trialed.  

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This team has almost all of it's quality from Whitecaps in Luciano Trasolini, Matthew Baldisimo, Kadin Chung and Daniel Sagno. Only other players are Duwayne Ewart without a team, Harrison Paton because he is at Fulham and Tristan Borges at TFC that have impressed.


Canada plays Costa Rica Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:30. It is gonna be a good night for Canadian soccer with them and Montreal playing in the Champions League.

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