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NASL including Mexico


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This is a stretch, but does anyone think an NASL that includes some Mexican teams is feasible.

I wonder if their are Mexican teams that would entertain playing in the NASL.

It would make for a true NORTH AMERICAN Soccer League.

It could be very exciting, and Marketing Departments could have a field day with it. I'm not familiar with the Mexican Soccer pyramid so this may NEVER be a topic in the Board Rooms.

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 No and here's why: What's in it for Mexican teams? Why would they join an American league, even worse, the NASL, the league below MLS in the USSF rankings. The only way I see a Mexican team in an American soccer league is if the players on that team  have a Y chromosome.

Why would they want to watch team from the US or Canada instead in their schedule?


I don't think that it would help anyone and why would FMF allow any male foreign league in Mexico? That is why it could never happen. If a big Mexican team plays a friendly in  the US, they'll make more money that way then playing a team in the States in a league.

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