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2015 CONCACAF U20 Championship - January 12 - Canada vs. Mexico [R]

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1-0 Mexico off a miplay by Adukegbe. He is really having a very difficult game, and the Mexicans are clearly continuing to attack down his side.


Exactly.  Also seem like Canada is step slower than Mexico.  


Canada is very unorganized right now.  

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One positive I can give thus far is the movement off the ball in the offensive half is more lively than what I'm used to seeing. Yeah, the execution isn't there, passes are off, etc., but I've grown so accustomed to seeing a Canadian striker stranded on an island that it's nice to see others come forward, offer support and find some open space. Hasn't created many dangerous situations yet, but it's a silver lining.

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We finished much better than we started. Mexico swarms us when they lose possession. We don't have energy to do the same because Mexico are so efficient at keeping the ball and we have to defend for long stretches as a result. We woke up after we allowed the goal. If we can get some extended possession in the second half it will really help, because you can see how much quality our attackers have. We need to find our rhythm.


As an aside though, Sam is having a rough time back there. They are targeting that side. 

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JGL is good with his positioning I feel he would have been a better option than Adekugbe but hindsight is 20/20.


Also is Petrasso even in this match?  Talk about invisible


If you're going after JGL on the wing, all you'd have to do is dink it around him and run by him. I think his snails pace would leave him exposed on the wing.

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