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Hello.    Name is Stuart and I live in Ottawa.   

I grew up in Burlington but moved to Ottawa about seven years ago, just after Toronto got TFC.    I have supported them from afar for quite awhile but have since thrown most of my attention to Ottawa Fury. 

My family is Scottish so I have always followed their national squad, but over the last year or two I have started to follow Canada a lot more closely.  

I write a blog for the Fury and contribute on RedNation Online. 

Look forward to using these forums, I've heard nothing but good things from those I know who use it. 

Oh Canada! 

Stuart Mac 

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Welcome Stuart!


Great to have you on the V's board :). Its one of my favourite places online to follow and discuss local (and sometimes non-local) footy. I love it as a place to get informative news and updates on all aspects of Canadian soccer.


We've met through an Ottawa supporters group. Looking forward to your contributions on here.



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You've heard nothing but good things about the Vs board? Haha yeah it's pretty good on here, sometimes things get a bit nutso but overall there are always good topics being discussed. Jamie tends to keep important info flowing through here (matchday tix, pre/post-match party info, Nats match announcements, etc...). Are you part of Stony Monday Riot or Bytown? Myself, Rob Notenboom, Greyson Knutson (GoalieGrey), Ben (Lord Bob), and a bunch of others ended up at the one Fury match last year vs. the Strikers I think it was, between the U20WWC matches in TO and MTL. Probably met you then.

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