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Final U17 Camp


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Didn't see this posted but looks like the roster is set for U17WCQ. I really don't know anything about these guys so perhaps someone else can provide some more insight. 




GK- Ryan Collins | ENG / Bolton Wanderers Institute of Sport
GK- Trasolini Luciano | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
GK-Sam Morton | USA / Georgia United
D- Matthew Baldisimo | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
D- Gabriel Boakye | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
D- Kadin Chung | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
D- Andrew Dias | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
D- Julian Takagi-Steward | USA / Crossfire Premier Academy
D- Yacine Tchemmoun | CAN / Lakeshore
M- Tristan Borges | CAN / West Toronto Cobras
M- Thomas Gardner | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
M- David Norman | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
M- Harry Paton | ENG / Fulham FC U18 Academy
M- Munir Saleh | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
M- Ballou Tabla | CAN / Panellinios
F- Terran Campbell | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
F- Duwayne Ewart | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
F- Bori Falye | CAN / Calgary Southwest United
F- Malik Johnson | CAN / Toronto FC Academy
F- Cyrus Rollocks | CAN / North Mississauga SC
F- Daniel Sagno | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency

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Little surprised about the impact as well considering their u18 side recently beat the whitecaps and are pretty much top of the table in the ussda. I would have thought there would be some decent u17s on that side.

I might be wrong, but I think u18 players are generally too old for this team. As in some u18 academy players will be 19 even as of Jan 1, 2015.

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You can find a half of the canada and Korea match from the tournament in Mexico a few months back. I thought canada looked the better side but their defending was a bit naive at times. The Korean goal was a deflection and a cheap one. I thought number 2 and 23 were the best players on the pitch for canada. And 4 looked promising when he came on.

There are also the goals of the Brazil and Costa Rican match. The last Costa Rican goal was a penalty after the canadian keeper had a rush of blood to his head and kicked a Costa Rican. Otherwise it would have ended 1-1.

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I was hoping no one would ask.  :)


Goal: Aidan Aylward (VWC), Charles DeRocher (Que), Brandon Kerr (TFC), Daniel Buckley (Ont), Matthew Nogeira (Benfica), Corey Chambers (Ireland), Brogan Engbers (TFC), Ryan Collins (Bolton), Luciano Trasolini (VWC), Sam Morton (USA)


Defenders: William Archambault (MTL), John Kasper (VWC), Riley Pang (VWC), Nikola Stakic (TFC), Matthew Baldisimo (VWC), Gabriel Boakye (TFC), Steven Furlano (TFC), Kadin Chung (VWC), Andrew Dias (Ont), Kosivar Sadiki (Ont), William Fiore (Alb), Julian Tkagi-Stewart (USA), Yacine Tchemann (Que)


Mids: Zorhan Bassong (Anderlecht), Jordan Montoya (TFC), Jean Yves Tabla (Que), Tristan Borges (Ont), Luka Gluscevic (FC Rad), Kevin Tierney (TFC), Dylan Barichaud (Que), Don Junior Bobe (Mtl), Patrick Boyle (TFC), Aiden Daniels (TFC), Esleyder Etcheverria (Mtl), Justin Esteves (Edm), Thomas Gardner (VWC), Tchad Lapierre (Mtl), David Norman (VWC), Nicholas Osorio (TFC), Alex Pena (TFC), Giovani Politaro (Mtl), Luca Ricci (Mtl), Mohammed Toure (MTL), Kevan Tran (Mtl), Dwayne Ewart (VWC), Liam Miller (Fulham), Mykola Nechyparuk (Ont), Reshon Phillip (Ont), Muner Saleh (VWC), Anthony Sousa (Ont), Marcel Zajac (Ont), Harry Paton (Fulham)


Strikers: Terran Campbell (VWC), Malik Johnson (TFC), Raheem Taylor-Parkes (USA), Gabriel Balbiotto (Mtl), Donovan Anderson (Ont), Zoom Langwa (Ont), Daniel Sangno (VWC), Bori Falye (Alb), Cyrus Rollocks (ONT)


I have been tracking our camps since about the 1988 borns.     

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It seems to me that they are trying to get as many youngsters involved in national team situations as possible.  This could be a good strategy in the hopes that players aren't able to easily slip through the cracks and get disheartened with the CSA.  However, there is probably a fine line to be careful of because there is always the possibility of better players getting annoyed at not being called for every opportunity.  Communicating the strategy would be essential in making sure that better players don't develop a bad attitude towards the CSA and go looking for other opportunities.  


I for one think it is a good strategy especially seeing how different youth develop at different rates and times.  If the national team player pool at the lowest age groups is large and the numbers get trimmed down as the ages increase then the CSA should have the best chance of netting the best players possible to represent Canada.

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I believe that this camp is focussed on more NA placed players, simply because travel is difficult for the foreign based contingent. If you look at the recent team that faced off in Europe for the U20s there is a significant amount that play overseas. At the U17 age I would imagine it is difficult to pick up and play down in Florida for a quick training and conditioning camp. 

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