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I took the plunge!!


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I have been reading theses boards for sometime now and I've finally decided to join the arguments!

I'm a west coaster living in Vancouver, have 2 small boys and a lovely wife. I've managed a men's rec team for the past 8 years and played my whole life.

I look forward to getting to know you all,


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Welcome aboard Dalton. Since you've been lurking I'm sure you're well aware of the flow of the board (not Sam's this time) and how much busier it'll get once we get closer to WWC, GC, and WCQ. Just to get it out of the way, and surprised it hasn't been pointed out yet considering your avatar, but the Whitecaps hate Canada. There, now we're all satiated. I don't believe it but if it didn't get said now by me, someone who actually does believe it would hijack this, so consider it a favour.


I'm a bit alarmed lately at the Club vs. Country battle that's been showing up here, Twitter, and other places, but it's good to see another person who can balance loving both.

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