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Whitecaps 2014-15 Offseason

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Pretty cool to hear that he watched the Caps growing up.  8 HGP is impressive for Vancouver I just hope more can break into the first team and the trend of youth players leaving without playing for the first team slows down.


Can Carl Robinson ever not look pissed off?  Kids signing his first deal and Robinson looks like he's taking a picture with someone who just killed his dog.

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It actually wouldn't surprise me if McKendry took the most minutes after Teibert, maybe Clarke. He's one of the more highly touted NCAA players, despite playing a fairly inconspicuous position. There have been some rumours of European clubs making a move for Laba. Not sure if this signing is related, but it might be. They are not dissimilar in their play.

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I agree with Dub that Adekugbe should be on top of that list.  But although I'm not a Harvey fan by any stretch, he still has to outplay Harvey.  Vancouver's backline is solid....




with guys like Dean (2nd year, added maturity), Adekugbe, Sampson, and Rodriguez as backups.  Somehow, by MLS standards, Caps always seem to have depth in their back 4.


As for rating McKendry above Froese and Bustos...I'm not so sure.  New isn't always better, we've seen it before.  MLS is a big jump (bigger and bigger every year) that at-home development doesn't always prepare for. (though they are more prepared every year)

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I think Sam was injured and not anywhere near his normal level. I hope so as that was a bad performance.


I see Waston and Rodriguez as the main CB pair. I'll pick Clarke for the breakout year player. I think he's ready. He'll be second to Rivero but he'll get his chance and I think he'll break out of the pack.


22 players back from last year so a stable bunch so far. Not done yet I'm sure and 3 more spots to fill.

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Clarke has to compete with Hurtado, whomever they replace Mattocks with (please), and Manneh for forward minutes. I think he will play a lot in USL at the very least. 


Looking at my rankings above, I should have put Bustos in front of McKendry, I think he will play a decent number of first team minutes.

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Probably the wrong thread for this question, but it's been bugging me for over a year now...who is the post-match interviewer with the voice of an eight year-old boy?

No, I think he means in the interviews posted on the Caps website. Every once in a while there is a question asked in a high-pitched voice, and the player is looking down, as if the asker is quite short. I've wondered this myself.

(But yes, Carlo's voice is sweet and gentle isn't it?)

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