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Canadians abroad: October 3-9, 2014

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We need WJ a lot. Jackson has never been good for Canada, he nnver sticks at one club and players like him and Haber who are barely "decent" in league one won't make us better in Concacaf.


Our best striker ever in terms of goals,  ali gerba never stuck at one club.... he wasn't even "decent" in league one. didn't really matter when we have no one else to select. 


So if you dont think Haber or Jackson should be called up because them scoring at league 1 isn't good enough, then who should we call up thats scoring in a better league?


Im curious, maybe im missing some strikers but I dont know of any. 


Ian Hume playing in India?

Cavallani I want to see attend a camp for once.

Hoilett committing would be nice, though he is more of a winger. 

Rob Friend? Occean?

Akindele committing would be nice. 

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^Surprised he is not getting called into the national team at the moment. 


Regarding Jackson, I am surprised at those suggesting he's somewhat of a journeyman. He had a 3-4 year run with Norwich (1 season in the Championship, where he scored 13 goals as they gained promotion). He has 6 goals in 40 appearance with the CMNT. Not a great scoring record, but for us? Not exactly terrible.


On the club side, I think/hoping he can make a return to the Championship. I believe that is his level and he can be a consistent double digit scorer there. 

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right because we have such an abundance of talent at the striker position. 


Simeon scores in league 1 this weekend. Screw it we dont need him. 


Cavallani scores in Uruguay this weekend. Screw it we dont need him. 


Who the hell are we going to start at striker then? Who else is scoring goals in league play?


Ricketts? Larin an NCAA player?


You must be one of those who thinks we dont need Will Johnson either right?

Cavallini did not score in Uruguay this weekend. Fenix lost 3-0 to Atenas today. Cavallini played 90. http://www.tenfield.com.uy/2014/10/atenas-3/ 

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Akindele? Hamilton? I'd rather get our younger, more promising options into the fold.

Akeindele is not even part of the equation at this point, and Hamilton (although very promising), is not scoring or even getting much playing time in a league that's arguably below the standard of league one and Israel's top flight. 

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Paco Deckers played 59 mins for SC Heerenveen U19 against FC Twente (1-4 loss)


Deckers has been starting every game so far this season in either left midfield or left wing and often gets subbed out of the game. Former FC Edmonton manager Hans Schrijver is the current Heerenveen U19 manager.

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