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Ryan Nelson heads for the exit


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Changed days when you find out about Canadian pro soccer news by browsing the BBC website:




as just happened for me. A new regime comes in but still the same ongoing GM vs coach squabble that seems to have been ongoing since the whole thing got underway back in 2007. Maybe eventually they'll figure out that a Bruce Arena type hire to fill both positions simultaneously might be the better way to go.

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There will be more moves like this at TFC.


Once MLSE hires a new CEO that person will have to decide what to do with Tim Bezchenko and Greg Vanney.


Will someone be hired to be the head of TFC? If so that person will want to bring their own staff in. Or at the very least they can use Bezchenko and Vanney as scape goats if next season doesn't pan out.


The its an endless vicious cycle with this club.




As for Nelsen, I'm happy to see him go. I was never a fan of the hire to begin with. And after seeing him in action I become even less enamored. He seemed to rigid in his tactics and his player selection and sub management was awful.


I just wish TFC could finally hire someone with experience for once. Vanney isn't that person.

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Who were the other Assistant coaches that were fired alongside Nelly?


Interesting that Bent kept his job.  But were the others Nelson hangers-on?


Fran O'Leary - NCAA Div. 3 coach brought in to be Nelsen's 1st assistant


Jim Brennan


Steve Kerr - GK coach.


Duncan Oughton - joined the club this year (I believe he was poached from Columbus)


Adrian Lamb - strength and conditioning coach


Apparently Jon Conway has already  been named the new GK coach. Not sure who else is part of Vanney's staff.


Jason Bent was offered a chance to stay on but there has been no news on that front (unless I missed it).

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"Nelsen's comments about Toronto general manager Tim Bezbatchenko after Saturday's defeat may have contributed to his departure."


Yah think?  Though in fairness it seemed pretty evident Nelsen knew the jig was up by then so why not mouth off a bit?




"Those comments (Nelsen made) were excuses, and we are not in the excuse business," Bezbatchenko said in announcing Nelsen's departure


Ah, Timothy.  I believe someone may be quoting you on that at some point. 




I do enjoy reading about TFC, stop watching with any interest ages ago (well except for one or two Defoe envy minutes).  It leaves me hopeful for any future NASL might have in the GTA.



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" It leaves me hopeful for any future NASL might have in the GTA."


A huge market upside exists for a NASL franchise in Toronto, starting in Liberty Village in Lamport then ether a ground share at BMO ( after all it is owned by the city )  or an owner willing to find money to build a 15k private stadium on the Saputo model.


NASL squad named "Blizzard" the classicos would be epic.



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