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Tim Leiweke heading out ?

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Rampant rumors that Tim Leiweke will leave TFC and the MLSE position he holds, apparently to go to the LA Clippers and new challenges.


Which of course leaves TFC fans wondering if Bradley will be sold off before he loses his marketing value in a US based franchise for MLS.


Can TFC afforcd to operate with its salary schedule based only on ticket sales as the TV revenues and watching public are so low ?


Will ticket price increases to pay for Defoe hurt the South End zone soccer dads and make them attend less games ?


TFC always will give us new ways to ... be shocked.


The Red Patch Boys have a lively discussion going on .... with more angst then normal in the opinions.



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TFC is slowly heading back to their usual ways.


Defoe is just another of TFC's DP's whom sign the Huge contracts, looks great for a few weeks, and now INJURED!

Bradley will be gone once Leiwke heads back to the US.....and Bradley will want to play for a US based team....WHY I don't know.

Why do Americans have a problem with being in Canada, great question to ask when they announce their departure. Put them on the spot.

TFC is no differnt then The Leaf's....they give you enough to want more...but that's all it ever is.

And we keep buying into this MLSE soap opera.

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I don't think losing Leiweke changes Toronto FC's revenue streams. They still should have a similar budget. What they think and what direction they go with regards to Bradley will totally be based on who they bring in.

I suspect TFC is running a deficit this year on operations.... the DP salarys drive them there even with sold out tickets.

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