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Impact U-18's Made it to USSDA U-18 Semi's

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Good for them, lost to Bethesda-Olney in L.A. on Thursday. Farthest any Canadian team has gone in this league and some big, big scalps.


Match reports:


Winning quarter-final with victory over Sounders:




Beat Galaxy in group stages:




Other group stage results:




Lost to Bethesda-Olney in semi-final:



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Good for the Impact boys. Bethesda is a good team that knocked out my son's team earlier in the playoffs.


Just to correct you about the farthest any Canadian team has gone in this league...


Whitecaps Residency lost to FC Dallas in the USSDA championship game in 2012...



Still, congrats to the Impact on the playoff run none the less!

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Don't look now but the U18 Impact Academy team is currently in 2nd place in the entire USSDA league with their *playoff 2 position!



The only team above them is....





the U18 Whitecaps Residency




The only two Canadian club teams in the USSDA are #1 and #2 in this American top youth league. Early days but still quite a sight!

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Overall, I don't think this Whitecaps U18 team is as good as the one that went to the final a couple of years ago. That team which included Clarke, Alderson, Fisk, Stanese, McKendry, etc was a deeper, more complete unit.

With Bustos, Froese and Carducci, this squad may have some higher end pieces.

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Bustos with 13 goals in 9 games. Are they playing him as a forward? Cuz if he's scoring at that clip as an AM that is pretty impressive. Chile snub or not, we need to keep a close eye on him as he obviously has potential.

Withdrawn striker. A real trequartista. Almost exactly what Morales plays for the senior team.

I feel that Bustos will play for Canada.

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