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I'm tired. I still wonder with that. They're playing Portland U23 and I'm guessing that it's not like they have the best match-up. Drafted vs HG match would be more interesting.


Oh I like that one. Put Blackdude on the MLS marketing committee. That could be marketed so many ways. Very good idea.

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I can't believe this game is a thing, but I still want to tune in to see how RT and Morgan perform. 


If your'e going to do a cheesy "rookie" game, why not go NBA style and have the rookies play the sophomores. Of course, I mean proper rookies and sophomores. No Jermaine Defoe's. 


Also, let's go back to east versus west for the All Star game. I'm sure playing big clubs is advantageous from a marketing standpoint, but here is an idea: Pick an east all star team and a west all star team. Let each team play 1 half against Bayern Munich or whoever. Just select a best XI for each conference, with 1 reserve per position (1 forward, 1 midfielder, 1 defender, 1 keeper).


More MLS stars will get recognition and the league gets to play these massive clubs, everyone wins.  


Some kind of skills competition for the Allstars would be cool too. A freestyle category could be fun, or some kind of shot accuracy challenge....

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