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Jeb Brovsky?


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I know the converting foreign nationals threads aren't popular with some but noticed today that Jeb Brovksy hit 3 years in Canada a few months ago and is eligible for Canadian citizenship.  He still has to wait another year and a half to reach the fifa 5 year mark (will be eligible the same time as Camera) but I wondered if anybody has heard anything about his potential interest in playing internationally?  Most of the decent MLS foreign nats with no caps get questioned about it after a couple years but I've never heard anything from him. 


He has no chance for the states imo and is still reasonably young, just turned 25 - could be a useful player in the next cycle, not an impact fan but I think he is a solid MLS player.


Also seems to have gotten pretty involved in the community in Montreal and put out some roots so maybe he would be interested.

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