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Cut 2 the Chase


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Dear fellow Voyageurs,


I just posted episode no. 8 of my podcast-- Cut 2 the Chase. It was an absolute delight to chat with CANw17 head coach, Bev Preistman. She was chillin' in Whistler this evening but graciously gave me a few minutes of her time. I try not to read too much into her comments but I think they were very insightful with tons of tips for youth coaches + players across the country. Have a listen... and SHARE ! Thanks.




It may interest a few of you to know that I've got a Pinterest board packed with soccer tidbits that I trip across online. Check that out too!




And in case you're wondering, I know a great jersey designer who can hook your pickup footy team with a sweet custom design. She studied fashion and (clearly) hopes to work for NIKE someday. Her latest personal project was to publish one concept jersey EVERY DAY for the last YEAR. She's found a local dye-sub printer who can make something fabulous... just for you.



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Hi Rob,


I haven't investigated how to load episodes onto iTunes. Is it free?


Also, I wasn't aware there is a Voyageurs podcast thread. I'd be most grateful if you / someone can provide a link for that.


I'm also open to suggestions from Voyageurs about future conversations.

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Here is the link for the podcast thread: http://www.thevoyageurs.org/index.php?/topic/26262-canadian-podcast-list-updated/


As for iTunes, I believe it is free. However, I am in the lucky situation that someone else takes care of all of that for us so I am unsure of the details. Certainly many of the other podcast listed in the list above are also on iTunes so I suspect it is fairly straightforward.

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