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Link for U20 Ticket Sales Is Up


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In the Voyageurs Members forum you can find the link to buy tickets to the U20.


Please buy tickets front to back so we OWN the front of the sections. If we don't it's going to be a problem.


Do NOT buy tickets at the front for a group of kids.   Wait and buy those later.


Members have roughly 72 hours to buy tickets in the section before it becomes more public.


I will be finding people interested in being in the section at the TFC pre game party.


Then it will go board wide on Sunday night.


Let's do this and really put something on for these kids. 

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Should be good now.  I created a new member group for members, moved everyone into it. The old one doesn't show in the group list but the old one shows in the forum permissions. Seems like a bug.  Had to turn both on.

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I will talk to Ottawa people/ Bytown Boys and hopefully I'll make one group purchase.



1)When you say buy the "front" rows first, should I buy 112 or 113? Or simply the closest row to the pitch amongst those two sections?



2) Assuming we get a pack with 4 individual tickets(one for each matchday) for each person, to recoup our losses, can I resell our "Day 3" Wednesday August 13th: South Korea vs Mexico + Costa Rica vs New Zealand tickets to non-Voyageurs?




3) Any news about a section at the Montreal game? (Good or bad.)

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1) Let's let RPB buy 112.


2) Is a good question.  We have to be uber careful with that. CSA/TM let's us kind of get away with murder. This is FIFA. 


3) Montreal info early next week, but we have the supporters section reserved. 

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