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On 6/7/2021 at 1:25 AM, _Vic_ said:

PSG are losing players and rumoured to be losing more. Most noticeable is central defender Irene Paredes who scored the second goal and is their captain and the leader of the team. She signed for Champions League winners Barcelona (she's from Basque country) as did Norway's 5'10" central midfielder Ingrid Syrstad Engen coming in from Wolfsburg.

I don't know that PSG won the French league or made it to the Champions League semi's over Lyon inasmuch as Ada Hegerberg didn't play a minute this year due to injury. In both competitions they were virtually dead even with PSG going through by the away goals rule and a single point. Hegerberg is the all-time Champions League leading scorer, with 53 goals in 50 games. If she was healthy PSG would be another footnote in another Lyon title.

Paredes is a very strong addition to Barça, we really only have the two central backs. 

Some are saying that Engen may not be necessary, as we have a strong midfield. Others argue we may lose Hamraoui. Oshala might also be on her way out. 

Seems players will change if they can to get a slight salary rise, and it makes sense. 

BTW I think Fleming looked good these last matches and I wouldn't be surprised if someone thought they could give her more minutes than where she is.

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