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Bryan Cristante

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6 minutes ago, Obinna said:

I do wonder if this was a cap for the sake of tying him. Doesn't take away from the accomplishment, but you must always wonder when it comes to a dual national being courted by another country.

We did this with Aleman in 2013.

If I remember correctly. We were in Denver chanting "Cap-tie Aleman" ... we weren't scoring goals so we wanted to do something productive.

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Just now, Chad_Impact said:

I just hope that it won't be his one and only cap

He's done nothing since coming on, in fact it's now 1-1 Macedonia, they scored roughly 3 minutes after he entered. Ofcourse it depends on his club form and I also hope he can get more opportunities if possible

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Good result for Macedonia :) 

They have struggled as of late, so this is a positive result for them.  

With regards to Cristante, his dad is Canadian, but you can't blame him for playing for Italy.  I wish him all the best, and hopefully he get more opportunities with Italy.  

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