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Match Fixing: El Salvador team in shambles


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I don't recall this news being posted anywhere. Reported in August, apparently there was match fixing being done by 22 players and the matches involved were senior friendlies, Gold Cup 2013 games and even a U-20 game.






The last of the verdicts came in on Wednesday Jan 8th and:

Three players received 6 month bans

One player received a 1 year ban

One player received an 18 months ban

Two players received 5 year bans

Fifteen players get lifetime bans

Player names listed in wikipedia:


What do you think this means for CONCACAF?

What does this mean for Canada? Does this essentially mean that we have one less CONCACAF team to worry about for WCQ 2018? They have presumably lost 17 players for the next cycle (5 year bans + life bans).

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They're losing most of their core players from the last 6 years, but some of those guys likely would have been getting a little long in the tooth for the next cycle anyways. Biggest lost is in net, both of their top keepers (again, getting older) are banned and the pickings are slim to replace them. Losing Zelaya up front is going to suck too. They will certainly be weaker this time around and would not be afraid to be grouped with them in the SF round.

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