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Sampaio tries to be......


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Sampaio tries to be the only team in the history of the Brasileirão to get three hits in a row

Gabriel Mendes

Published: 01/01/2014 15:43

Accustomed to breaking records the past two seasons , Sampaio get the chance to do more in 2014 a feat that no team in Brazil managed . If you can access the dream series of the Brazilian Championship , the tricolor can become the only team in the history of the Brasileirão the higher division in hree consecutive years . Remember that this could only be possible after the creation of the D series in 2009 .

Since the beginning of the series D , no one could leave the last division of Brazilian football and get to the main division in three years , ie , no one ever climbed so fast splitting the point of reaching the series after three consecutive hits . With the D series title in 2012 and the the runner-up in the C series in 2013, Sampaio got higher division on two occasions . Should get a third , the club that is now the only Brazilian champion in three different divisions will be the first to achieve this feat .

" We will seek to continue this growth Sampaio . Seek a structure of the club and follow with my goal of putting Sampaio is where it should which is the top division of Brazilian football , "said Sergio Fleet , President Sampaio

The more teams that came close to this were done Joinville ( SC ) , which rose in 2010 for the C series and in 2011 for the series B but did not reach the series in consecutive year and West ( SP ) which rose Series D for B in the years 2011 and 2012 but could not access to the main division last season. This year , only Sampaio has this possibility , since no team that climbed pair C series in 2012 qualified for the B 2014 .

To get to the series, Sampaio will have to overcome this year traditional Brazilian football teams like Vasco , Portuguesa, Náutico , Ceará and Santa Cruz . Not an easy task for a team that arrives with one of the lowest payrolls in the competition. But the scene was like in the C series Sampaio and reached the final of the competition featuring football great . Play the B series is a great opportunity for growth and visibility of players .

"It's an extra motivation . The player has to prepare better, concentrate well because this is an opportunity of a player's life and a chance to show their work . Surely fans of Sampaio will be more in every game and will sell out as it did in Castellan C grade and push us wins , "said Casagrande , Sampaio striker and has a contract until the end of 2014 .

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The players reapresentariam tomorrow to start the training . But the direction and coaching staff changed the date . With this, Sampaio Correa began his preparation for 2014 season four days later than expected. The initial work will be on January 6 in CT Club competitions already thinking of the first half to be Maranhense the League , the Cup of Brazil and a few rounds of the Championship Series B.

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