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Fort McMurry to host Regular NASL game

alberta white

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But no cricket Oval!

Hey don't laugh. I have a colleague who goes up to "The Mac" at regular intervals in the summer to visit family. Apparently the parks are teeming with immigrant kids attempting to place Leather upon Willow, steering it down past third man to the unguarded rope. (that's hit the Ball with a leather facing with a bat made of willow and making a boundary for 4 runs, in case the reference is too obscure for anyone)

Pretty interesting. I would suspect that they will try to put a permanent tenant in that stadium. Junior football would probably be a good option for them, but I could also see pro soccer as an option too.


Fort McMurray Sandmen AFC playing NASL by 2020 would be a nice addition to FCE and the Calgary Spurs. (yeah I know Pipe dream. Actually that would probably be an Oil-pipe Dream c'est non?)

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