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Mexico V New Zealand WCQ

Greatest Cockney Rip Off

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The Haka is done in all sports that I know of (except cricket)...even their hockey team does it.

Feel sorry for the All Whites; and as much as I don't like our CONCACAF rivals, the Mexicans are still a pretty good side and should have never been in this position.

Now 3-0 to the Mexicans/

If your going to park the bus New Zealand you have to remember to leave the Parking brake on.

Also, the Haka may be traditional, but seriously, at a soccer match?

Unless you know your going to Pummel the opposition it does kinda looks a bit daft.

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Wh-hey! the All too important away goal.

Overlong flight to the South Pacific, a little bit of dodgy Barramundi the evening before the game, and a full blown, overly loud Maori eve'n-song festival in the Hotel Lobby, and the Mexicans will be ripe for the picking!.

I'm sure if they wanted to they could bring Smaug up from Queenstown and try and pass him off as Quetzalcoatl, so as to unnerve the Central American travelers.

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