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Nurse tell FCE he will never play for these coaches again


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“Sorry but I will not play for these coaches again!” Nurse wrote.

The 11 has verified that the Tweets are authentic.

Nurse was named the FC Edmonton player of the year by his teammates. He was named the NASL player of the month for August. He scored three times for the Eddies in the fall season and also had a marker in the Amway Canadian Championship semifinal against the Whitecaps.

The club told The 11 that Nurse was informed by general manager Rod Proudfoot that he would not be making the road trip to Fort Lauderdale for the final NASL game of the season.

Nurse’s version of events is different. He said he was told via broken telephone — that the message was passed onto teammate Massimo Mirabelli, who passed it on to Anthony Adur, who then told Nurse.

“That is the most disappointing thing, they didn’t contact me direct,” Nurse told The 11 via message. “They have my email, and that is how the club always communicates. Yet they chose to use two other players who had no involvement to relay the message.”


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I'm anti-Miller right now, but it's hard to blame this Nurse blow-up on him. If Nurse genuinely has a problem with how the team is communicating with him, a professional deals with his bosses like an adult. Somebody on his thirteenth professional club at age 29 throws a public fit.

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Let Wiki be your guide.


All speculation on my part but...

I wonder who's doing the Contract negotiations though?

If its Proudfoot I would hope he spent a bit of time in Soccer contract class 101.

Nurse does not strike me as the type of guy to tug his forelock and say thank-e sir and accept a wage cut after having a decent season. Maybe he considers himself a senior pro and finds been treated like a 2nd year draftee in contract negotiations a little demeaning. That been said, he's been in Pro-NA soccer long enough to know how it works.

Perhaps its the GM not knowing how Pro-NA soccer works that is the issue.

Also wonder how Elvir Gigolaj's signing up with Bundesliga's Hertha Berlin plays on the mind of his ex-team mates dressing room?

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In 90 % of these cases it comes down to money. The scenario AW puts up here could very well be real. FCE hasn't been able to keep players for more than 3 seasons, my guess is Proudfoot is asked to cut back in payroll. For some of the young kids investing in the future isn't a bad thing, but for a seasened pro, it can be hard.

I would be surpriised if Parker comes back next season, cause I think they want to push the younsters.

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I would be in favour of this. Nothing against Parker, he's been very good in net, but I would like to see what Smits can do as a #1 GK

Parker also has some "Kudos" at home in KC. The Cosmo (mag not Club) bachelor thing would make him a Standout transfer (If still in contract))at this level for the KCFC expansion as he has had some National coverage.

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