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What nations would your kids be eligible for?

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Without attempting to dredge up bad memories, I thought it might be interesting to do a little thought experiment. Fans of every national team worldwide know that increased mobility and FIFA's flip-flopping eligibility rules mean that many, many soccer players are eligible for more than one national team.

So the question is: Which nations would your kids be eligible for, if they became professional soccer players?

This applies for sons or daughters, of course, but the MNT forum seemed like the more fitting place for it.

Let's put aside the whole five-year residency thing (i.e. the rule that would potentially allow Camilo to play for us) and just focus on the "ancestral" eligibility requirements, which would cover:

- the nation in which the kid is/was born

- the nations in which its parents (i.e. you and your partner) were born

- the nations in which its grandparents (i.e. your parents and your partner's parents) were born

Feel free to answer whether you have kids or not (but can assume, with reasonable certainty, who the other parent of your theoretical kids would be, if they were to ever be born). There's no lesson to be learned from any of this; I just thought it might be an interesting exercise, given Canada's multiculturalism and trends of immigration. Anyway, I'll get things started.

My kids would be eligible for...

Canada, Italy and England

* Note: I couldn't be bothered to delve into the intricacies of the "Home Nations Agreement", so let's just treat England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as entirely separate for the purposes of this exercise.

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