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July 14, 2013 PDL--Toronto Lynx vs FC London

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Result and details of the Sunday July 14, 2013 PDL game between

Toronto Lynx and Forest City London played at Innes Field at

the Crescent School in Toronto at 4:00pm.

12 min...FCL Aaron Boyd GOAL...FCL Jordan Ayris short pass from

22 yards on left over to Boyd in center and his shot goes in the

right side of net.

16 min...Lynx Sebastian Arangio GOAL...Lynx Leigh Veidman long

throw-in from left has header through from left bounce into box

and sliding Arangio kicks 6 yarder low into right side of net

past goalie Mark Haynes.

48 min...FCL Tom Owens GOAL...FCL Aaron Boyd rolls pass up left

and Owens kicks 15 yarder over sliding goalie Adam Janssen

guarding left post.

50 min...FCL Jordan Ayris GOAL...FCL Josh Hughes chips 65 yarder

down middle and Ayris was behind defenders by the time the ball

bounced at 30 yards and he chips ball over goalie standing at 15

yards and the ball bounces into the open net.

Final Score:......Toronto Lynx.........1..............

..........Forest City London..........3..........

Attendance was about 80 with about half being FCL supporters.

The weather was very hot and humid with a bright sun in the

south west.

Best non scoring chances were at 3 minutes when Lynx Macca Wilde

took a 5 yard shot off the right post and the ball spun back

across the 6 yard box and was cleared by a defender. 32 minutes

had FCL Jovan Ivanovic pass to FCL Jordan Ayris who headed the

ball down but on his dribble pushed the ball too far forward

and the sliding goalie knocked away a clearance at 15 yards.

72 minutes had Lynx Sebastian Arangio roll across a pass from

20 yards on the right and Lynx Leigh Veidman took a 6 yard shot

that spun off the sprawling goalie wide right of the net for

a cornerkick.

Referee David DiPasquale controlled this rather rough game

with a few Yellow cards until 92 minutes when a pushing

match between the two teams broke out.

FCL players tried about three chips to try to catch the Lynx

goalie off his line but each one he got back in time

to make the catch.

This result was similar to the three games these teams have

played this season in that FCL won each one by two goals.

The Lynx season opener which was between these two teams

also had a 3-1 scoreline.

The Lynx record falls to 5 wins, 6 losses, 2 ties. If they

hang on to the third playoff spot they'll play the second

place team Michigan Bucks on the road and the winner of

that will play FC London on the road in the Great Lakes

Division final. FC London clinched first place today with

their win and hold a record of 10 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie.

They are the 2012 PDL Champions.

This game had to be rescheduled from Centennial Stadium

which is closed undergoing repairs from the heavy rain

on Monday that flooded the field and dressing rooms.

Good thing that Lynx put on clinics at Crescent School

so they could ask a favour and use these facilities.

On the drive home I saw that Bayview Avenue had police cars

forcing southbound cars to switch lanes. It was to protect

drivers from a huge sinkhold that had opened up (which wasn't

there when I drove to the game in that same lane two plus

hours earlier).

Rocket Robin


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