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July 6, 2013 W-League--Toronto Lady Lynx vs Quebec City Amirals

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Result and details of the Saturday July 6, 2013 W-League

game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Quebec City Amirals

played at Innes Field at Crescent School in Toronto at


20 min...TLL Nichelle Prince GOAL...TLL Nicole Waters sends

in pass to Prince at 35 yards on left and runs towards goal

on 2 on 0 with TLL Jordyn Listro and shoots over sliding

goalie Josee-Anne Nile at 15 yards into right side of net.

22 min...QCA Melissande Guy GOAL...Guy in crowd of players

blasts 30 yard shot down middle just under bar in middle

of net over goalie Audrey Bernier-Larose's hands.

37 min...TLL Nichelle Prince GOAL...TLL Fortuna Velaj rolls

short cornerkick from right to TLL Jade Kovacevic who puts

low cross through box. TLL Jordyn Listro on left crosses

to middle where Prince shoots 15 yarder under bar in center

of net.

38 min...TLL Fortuna Velaj GOAL...TLL Nicole Waters rolls

through ball pass to Velaj who takes 18 yarder to right

side of net past goalie sprawling at 12 yards.

49 min...TLL Jade Kovacevic GOAL...Kovacevic blasts 55 yard

freekick from right that flies over retreating goalie and

dips just under the bar.

69 min...QCA Gabrielle Lapointe GOAL...Lapointe receives through

ball pass up middle that splits TLL defence and she shoots

low 25 yarder into right side of net.

72 min...QCA Melissande Guy GOAL...Guy gets to ball in middle

past defenders and her low 30 yard shot is into right side

of net.

87 min...QCA Kathleen B Garneau GOAL...Garneau gets pass at

40 yards and charges forward breaking free of defender and

shoots 20 yarder into right side of net.

Final Score:......Toronto Lady Lynx.........4..........

....Quebec City Amirals..............4..............

Attendance was about 80 on this very hot and humid afternoon.

I was surprised the game was here and almost drove out to

the usual airport area stadium where they play most games.

Crescent School is a private boys school which hosted a

Lynx men's team game earlier this year watched by the

student body but now school's out so it was just players'

families watching today's games.

Referee Alison Enright kept control on this not at all rough

game although she gave out a few Yellow cards but flashed them

so quickly that I'm not sure if I missed any.

Best non-scoring chances were at 45 seconds when TLL Nichelle

Prince whiffed on a shot from 12 yards then ran forward and

poked a 9 yard shot that the diving goalie pushed

wide left of the post. 11 minutes had TLL Jordyn Listro

was rolled a pass and she pushed a shot from the right under

the goalie but wide right of the post. 27 minutes had Prince

roll a pass forward for TLL Listro to get to the through

ball and rush in from 30 yards but the goalie checked her off

the ball at 15 yards when she tried to deke around her. 29

minutes had QCA Lea Chastenay-Joseph roll a 20 yard shot from

the right that the diving goalie stopped. 88 minutes had TLL

Ashley Lawrence cross from 18 yards on the far left that was

just over the head of the charging TLL Oni Bernard at 2 yards

on the right post.

This game just about ends the chances of Lady Lynx hosting

a playoff game as they would have to finish 1st or 2nd to

host either the Central Conference semi-final or final. QCA

had only brought a back-up goalie and three outfield players

to today's games so I'd expect they'd be tiring out in this

scorching heat by the time they got to the second half. The

final three goals TLL gave up were similar in they turned out

to be through ball passes setting up low shots into the net.

The three goals came after defender Kadeisha Buchanan was subbed

off after an injury at 60 minutes. Buchanan was beaten

on a few through balls too but ran back to make sliding tackles

getting 'all ball' to poke the ball away without a QCA shot.

The injury occurred on one of these checks against Arielle

Roy-Petitclerc. Buchanan debuted for the Canadian Women's

team against USA in Toronto a month ago and has since played

in their game in Germany.

Back-up goalie is Jillian Quinn and midfielder Rebecca Quinn

are twin sisters (neither came into the game). On the other

side of the city today Downsview Park the Quin twins 'Tegan

and Sara' from Calgary are the headliners at a concert tonight.

I wasn't at the midweek Lady Lynx vs K-W United game so I asked

today for details. They lost their first game this season 2-1

after taking a 1-0 lead. (I didn't expect I'd be able to get

to drive downtown after this game in time to see the MLS Toronto

vs Montreal game). After today's game their record is 4 wins,

1 loss, 5 ties to sit third. They have two road games left--

against winless London and first place Ottawa.

Amirals are just playing out the season with a record now at

1 win, 7 losses, 2 ties.

Rocket Robin


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