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And the matchday begins


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Cue my excitement. A lot will be settled soon here.

Interesting matchup for June is home and home with Finland and Belarus. Kickoff in game 1 is already underway. If they split, they are both screwed. If either team wins BOTH, they are right back into the thick of it. (Particularly Finland). If they split or draw, then France and Spain are basically fighting for 1 and 2, which was always likely from the start.

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Just finished watching Croatia-Scotland. Wow.

1st off I'll need someone to remind me when was the last time a Scottish player could be legitimately declared MoTM against a superior opponent (Hutton, brilliant), off night for the Croats or no. Great performance.

2nd, Croatia's ranked fourth by FIFA? Bloody Hell. Knew they were up there but 4th? Seriously? Double wow.

3rd, if you want to see the difference between CONCACRAP and UEFA in bright neon colours it was out there in full display with the Spanish officiating. The Scotts had to have put out 60 tackles, either to win the ball or to sheppard attackers and the only cautions dealt out against them (quite rightly) were for time wasting and obstruction.

Croats not a happy bunch tonight. No doubt about it.

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