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Do you support the stance taken by Sportsnet's Sid Sixeiro re: Junior Hoilett

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FIFA has it's rules but Canada allowing people to have multiple citizenships ain't helping really

No the fault is entirely FIFAs and their lax rules that allow and encourage national team shopping. One can always find flaws with things but for the most part Canada has very good citizenship and immigration laws and there are people who are legitimately dual citizens of different countries and I have no problem with that. If FIFA had proper laws regarding the requirements to play for national teams and to change allegiance there would be no problem. And one certainly does not change a good national policy to get a couple of extra soccer players for the national team. And I don't want those players to play for us anyway. As I said earlier people like **********, Begovic, Leroux, Bunbury, JDG2, Lensky, Hoillet and Vitoria are not worthy of wearing the Maple Leaf and representing this country.

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It works both ways and IMHO opinion we really underutilize it. You'd have to think there are more players in Europe with Canadian ties through Canada that haven't been identified through Transfermarket. Usually the hidden Canadian's are the ones with ties through the grandparents.

I wonder Paul Peschisolido ever came up with that list of hidden Canadian's despite his exclusion from the head coach position.

Junior Hoillet is not the silver bullet and that's what these players represent to us. We need to cast a wider net within the rules that are provided.

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