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May 18, 2013 MLS Reserves League--Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew

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Result of the Saturday May 18, 2013 MLS Reserves

League game played at BMO Field in Toronto at


42 min...TFCR Jonathan Osorio GOAL...Osorio receives

a rolled cross pass and shoots a 12 yard rolling shot

from the right into the left corner of the net.

44 min...TFCR Jeremy Brockie GOAL...TFCR John Bostock

passes forward from 40 yards and Brockie receives ball

at 20 yards and freezes goalie Matt Lampson at 12 yards

and shoots into left side of net.

68 min...CCR Kyle Hyland GOAL...Hyland takes a long

throw-in from the left that bounces through players

in the box and into right side of net while goalie

Stefan Frei is stranded on his line in center of net.

70 min...TFCR Dylan Sacramento GOAL...Sacramento gets

pass at 15 yards on left and squeezes 10 yard shot into

short left side of net between post and goalie.

Final Score:...Toronto FC Reserves.......3.......

Columbus Crew Reserves.......1.......

Attendance started at about 300 and there were still

200 at the start of the second half but only 80 after

a slight rain started at the 62 minute mark although

it only lasted about 5 minutes.

Referee Yusri Rudolf gave out four Yellow cards

during the game--three to Toronto. It was a very open

game with lots of rushes but TFC were often called


Starting lineup for TFCR was:

...................24 Stefan Frei (cpt)

3 Danny Califf...28 Gleison Pinto dos Santos...5 Ashtone Morgan

9 Emery Welshman...8 Kyle Bekker...7 John Bostock...21 Jonathan Osorio

...22 Jeremy Brockie...14 Danny Koevermans...32 Andrew Wiedeman

The start of the second half had them bring in TFC Academy players

34 Manuel Aparicio, 35 Chris Mannella and 38 Daniel Fabrizi

replacing Danny Koevermans, Jonathan Osorio and Jeremy Brockie.

The Osorio and Brockie subs were necessary because both had been

used as second half subs in the main MLS game that had finished

just over half hour earlier. Koevermans is just coming back from

a year long injury. At 64 minutes (#39) Dylan Sacramento replaced

defender Danny Califf although Sacramento played further forward on

left wing.

Danny Koevermans only played the first half and his timing was off.

His play is to knock down balls, hold up and pass off if he's

being covered. A video is on the TFC website already about his

game hilight--at 13 minutes when he shot into the net as the

goalie stood still and watched because the play had been whistled

for offside almost 3 seconds earlier.

Andrew Wiedeman was shown up by the Academy players once they entered

the game and the plays they made. At 55 minutes Chris Mannella blasted

a 25 yard shot from the left off the left post. Sacramento after

a nice run through defenders on the left had the goalie dive to try

to smother the ball at 6 yards and Sacramento knocked the ball

back to Wiedeman who then tried a 12 yard chip but put it easier

into the hands of the goalie who didn't have to move from standing

at the left post.

Best defender in this game was TFC trialist 'Santos' (Gleison Pinto

dos Santos). He made some key stops to break up CCR plays. Most

important was at 38 minutes when he made a bicycle kick clearance

at 25 yards to clear a possible 2 on 0 break-in. The game went on

a bit too long for Santos as he drew the only CCR Yellow card of the

game at 94 minutes when Jairo Arrieta collided into him just

inside the center circle. Santos needed to be helped from the field.

Ashton Morgan improved his status in finding his way back to the

first team as he played great defence and sent in great crosses

from the wings. Kyle Bekker didn't have a great game with too

many blind or bad passes that were intercepted.

The few spectators who stayed were certainly pro TFC but the ones

near me were laughing at the attempts by John Bostock to win foul


Rocket Robin


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