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Canada names Beach Soccer team for WC qualifying


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GK – Vincent Cournoyer

GK – Julien Lefebvre

D – François Boivin

D – Joe Di Buono

D – Joé Lachambre

D – Djamel Laraabi (also coach)

D – Patrick Leduc

F – Kyriakos Selaidopoulos

F – Yannick Rome-Gosselin

F – Louis-Charles Laliberté

F – Olivier Babineau

F – Edzevid Dejveic

I see that there is a lot of Quebec influence in that team.

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La Belle Province finished 8th place. Lost 10-0 to mexico, they beat TNT 8-5, then later that afternoon lost 5-0 to TNT. And lost 4-3 to TNT again in the 7th place match.

It is always a joke when the CSA selects a representative team, sucker in a unpaid coach, have her or him select player they know .. hell they might even be paying their way..then lose by huge numbers but does Mr. Montopoli care ?

Not freaking likely... cause he does not understand how significant the marketing opourtunites are with Beach or Futsal, heck they dont play that over home do they ?

Embarassed once more.

Squizz... Duane...et al why not start writing about this ?

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Exactly. If a few old pros want to have a go, let 'em. This isn't worth a cent out of a 14-year-old's registration fees.

Rio wants it in as an Olympic sport ....if it is, the game will get a huge push, and be very popular as TV event.

Five v Five.... 60+ shots in a 36, three period game....

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