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Canada in 2013-2014 UEFA Europa and Champions League - an early look


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Canadian Participants

Need a favor, trying to figure out which Canadians could be participating this year. Of course, people move teams, but let's look at it from who is CURRENTLY in place. See if I'm missing any potential participants.

1) Mike Klukowski At this point, APOEL seems poised to enter the Champions league at the 2nd qualifying round. APOEL is pretty much guaranteed competition in Europe this year, just remains to be seen whether they enter Champions or Europa.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Yes, Mike is getting a lot of minutes, starting most games, and is likely to be there when the competition starts.

2) Olivier Occean - Eintracht Frankfurt are clinging to the last Europa spot, but look set to lose it as they are out of form, and Monchengladbach and Hamburger SV are charging forward. Will be a close race.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Rumors surround Occean, who has been lucky to make the substitutes bench. Odds are, if they make it to Europa (or higher?) Occean will not be part of the plans moving forward.

3) Daniel Haber - A recent signing for Maccabi Haifa in Israel, Haifa is practically guaranteed competition in Europa. They should enter in the second qualifying round.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Daniel has found his way into a couple of recent matches, coming off the substitutes bench. He is young, and every Voyageur should be optomistic of his footballing future.

4) Tomer Chensinski - Also a recent movement, this time to Maccabi Tel Aviv, again in Israel. Tel Aviv is a dominant Force in Isreal, and are already guaranteed to enter in the 2nd qualifying round of Champions League action.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Right now he is a 3rd string keeper for the club, so when it comes to seeing action at the top level, ie UEFA league, don't expect him there unless there is some serious injuries.

5) Atiba Hutchinson - One of Canada's best, playing for a top European team. Currently, PSV are likely to enter the UEFA competition at the 3rd qualifying round. IF they drop, they will drop no further than guaranteed Europa action. They are also favored to beat AZ for the KNVB Beker Cup, which guarantees them later round entry into Europa if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Well, he's still slotting in at right back a lot of the time, and is actually becoming comfortable in that role. Is he moving? Rumors surround. He seems to want to move to a higher league, but time will tell whether he is playing is Europe or not.

6) Andre Hainault - Ross County is a long shot to sneak into that final spot of Europa action. I don't expect to see them there, but who knows, they are only 4 points out with 4 games to play as I am writing this.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Surprisingly to all of us who know Andres' talent, he hadn't been playing much. But there are promising signs, as he finally made his first lineup on April 21st. Hopefully he impresses in that role and gains a starting job.

7) Stefan Cebara - Another longshot to qualify out of Slovenia. These guys are 6 points out of Europa action, and if they charge and make it, Celje will be enterring the first qualifying round of Europa.

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Well, frankly no. He was cracking the lineup earlier in the year quite consistently, but seems to have fallen out of favor, as he hasn't seen even the bench since March, and in late March wasn't seeing a lot of action either.

8) Milan Borjan - I've written on another page more about Borjan. Playing for Sivasspor, the only way in remaining for this team is through the Turkish Cup, as they are out of form and fighting to stay away from the bottom of the table, and dreaded relegation. Hopefully that doesn't become a problem and they can remain in the middle of the table, which is normal for this club. However, in Turkish Cup action, Sivasspor, in May, will face Trabzonspor. Currently they are ahead 2-1 on aggregate, and will face a tough test searching for a draw or better on enemy soil to reach the finals. If they manage, they will probably end up facing Fenerbahce. This would be fortunate for them, because Fenerbahce is poised to enter the Champions League, and so Sivasspor would enter the competition as the runners-up I believe. Basically, if Sivasspor can beat or draw Trabzonspor, they are IN.

(Further, for those curious, if they beat Fenerbahce in the final, they would enter right at the group stage. If they lose it would be in the 2nd qualifying round.)

IS HE PLAYING? MOVING? Borjan was loaned to Romania, and missed minimal Europa action with Vaslui last year, after Vaslui qualified for Europa. Since then, he's started consistently for Sivasspor. As for moving, you never can say, but I expect him to be around at least for Europa action if they make it.

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Just an update...

Mike Klukowski and APOEL are now official for those that haven't been paying attention, and will be entering the UEFA Champions league. Making the group stage is not a complete long shot for them. They will start in the 3rd qualifying round.

Tomer Chensinski's Maccabi Tel Aviv are also locked into the UEFA Champions league. They will start in the 2nd qualifying round.

Daniel Haber and Maccabi Haifi are now locked into the 2nd Qualifying round of Europa.

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Maybe I'm the only one who cares...lol but anyways! Atiba Hutchinson's PSV Eindhoven have clinched in to the UEFA Champions League today, and will enter in the third qualifying round.

Hasn't it already been confirmed that his is not going to be back with PSV next year?

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Hasn't it already been confirmed that his is not going to be back with PSV next year?

That is explained better in another thread, but no, it is not confirmed. What is confirmed is that he rejected a contract offer from PSV. Odds are that he won't be with them next year, though, yes, but let me quote my line from the opening of this thread.

Of course, people move teams, but let's look at it from who is CURRENTLY in place

Said that from the get-go, bro...

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