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2013 CONCACAF U17 Championship / WCQ match videos [no R]


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I captured the sportsnet.ca streams directly, but this time I shrunk the resolution by 50% (640x360) and converted to the MKV container (H264 codec is unchanged) before uploading. As a result, file sizes are almost 50% smaller but the quality is still pretty good when viewed at fullscreen. I think this is a nice balance between size and quality, but I welcome comments.

I will be posting the T&T and Costa Rica games later.



Canada vs. Jamaica

Saturday, April 13, 2013

No commentary (stadium sounds only).

First Half (425MB)

Second Half (429MB)

Extra Time - if necessary

Penalty Kicks - if necessary

Highlights - more substantial than what the CSA posted (39MB)



Panama vs. Canada

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

American commentary from Fox Soccer.

Second Half (H264/MP4) (297MB) - recorded and uploaded by canadianfoot


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There is no mention of the semifinal being streamed, but the situation was initially the same with the U20 game against the USA and it ended up being streamed in addition to being broadcast on Sportsnet World.

Otherwise, we have a problem, because I don't have Sportsnet World, either. Can anyone help us out???

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According to this article, the semifinal will be streamed, but on Sportsnet World Online, which means only for subscribers to Sportsnet World -- what is the point of that?

I purchased Sportsnet World for one month. This way I can watch both the gold and bronze medal games on Friday too. I figure it is like going to the movies so not expensive when I look at it that way. My provider confirmed I only need to keep it for a month.
I don't suppose you have the means to record and upload?
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640x360 h.264(mp4) FOX Soccer, for some reason the source even thou apparently was HD looks more like a VHS copy, even when I tried to have a decent bitrate.




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