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Canada v Costa Rica U17 WCQ


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Sportsnet.ca 6:30 ET
I (and/or canadianfoot/orletafc) will be recording this, but I can't guarantee how quickly it will be uploaded.

Saw there was a thread so started it but I wanted to ask does anyone know where I can watch this outside Canada?
Links to try:



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Costa Rica is going to be coming out attacking. So our defending and counter attacks got to be good if we want to win this game tonight.
It's mostly been the opposite so far: we are attacking and keeping the ball in their end. How refreshing!
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Our quarterfinal opponent depends on the result of Panama vs. Barbados, which kicks off at 9:00 PM EDT. According to Wikipedia:

- If there is a winner = we play Jamaica

- If they draw:

0-0 = we play Barbados

1-1 = we play Jamaica or Barbados, depending on drawing of lots

2-2 = we play Jamaica or Panama, depending on drawing of lots

3-3 = we play Panama

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