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Voyageur Holiday Jamboree

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Posit this: There is nothing Canadians like more than a good old fashioned Holiday tournament. This idea piggy backs a little bit on the highly successful CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers held in Vancouver.

This may be more of a project or an MLS thread. Please move as needed.

1. We have a $600 million stadium in Vancouver -with a roof- which basically sits empty during the holiday season (Dec-Jan)

2. In 2014 we'll have 5 professional clubs, and few other serious ones (WSA Winnipeg, Victoria Highlanders, FC London) that have youth development infrastructure.

3. Most, if not all, club players are available at this time of year

4. The CSA is often running U17, U20, or U23 camps in Florida or elsewhere at this time of year anyway

Why don't we (Canada Soccer stakeholders and sponsors) put together an 8 side club tournament at each level: U17, U20, U23 (for each gender, if possible) in Vancouver over the Holidays? Say 3 preliminary matches from Dec 10-23 and then knock-out rounds from Dec 26-Jan???

I picture this as something like a State Championship in Brasil where players are signed specifically for the tournament. NCAA and CIS guys come back from university. European guys come back from club teams on short term loan. Our never ending stream of "unattached" national team players have an occasion to show what they can do.

This could be a great opportunity to trial both domestic and foreign coaches, to scout our youth players before big tournaments, to train referees, and generally get everybody 3-6 matches in a meaningful competition.

I won't suggest doing the Vs Cup at the same time, but I wouldn't be opposed to this either.

I'm assuming:

1. The clubs can pay the travel + accommodation costs (perhaps with some type of sponsorship grant for the smaller clubs)

2. The CSA can pay the administration costs

3. The supporters can pay something in terms of tickets (I think the CONCACAF tourney was $80 for all matches).

Who's with me?

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