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Cuba & Nicaragua videos NOW POSTED! [no result]


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I wasn't able to watch last night's game, so I was wondering if there is anywhere I can watch it in its entirety. I would search around for it on the Internet but I'd probably most likely spoil the result.

If this isn't possible because it was a stream, then no worries. I just want to make sure before I go searching for highlights.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Nevermind. An admin can lock or delete this thread unless someone actually has the full match to share. Otherwise, I found out about the score and don't feel too inclined to watch it anymore..

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sportsnet.ca's streams were very high quality (high resolution and bitrate). I captured them directly and edited out the extraneous parts, but uploaded the resulting files without re-encoding, so they are very large. I'm not sure if people prefer them like this or reduced in size and quality -- if you have a preference, please provide feedback for the future.

The exception to the above is the second half of the Nicaragua game, during which sportsnet.ca's stream was very choppy, at times unwatchable, for at least the first 20-25 minutes. Since I also recorded the lower-quality stream of this half from stopstream.com/firstrow1.eu and it did not experience any problems, I decided to post that version instead. Later I can post the sportsnet.ca stream, whether the whole thing with warts and all or only the last 20-25 minutes that were okay, if desired.

Unfortunately I missed the first 17 minutes of the Cuba game.


Cuba vs. Canada

February 18, 2013

Both halves are in H264/FLV format, 1280x720, with no commentary (stadium sounds only):

First Half - missing first 17 minutes; 424MB

Second Half - complete; 740MB


Canada vs. Nicaragua

February 22, 2013

Both halves are in H264/FLV format:

First Half - 1280x720; no commentary (stadium sounds only); 741MB

Second Half - 600x356 (but the video is letterboxed, so the actual game is only approximately 600x276); English commentary; 167MB


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Not sure if DJT has it already covered but here is, captured stream from Sportsnet.ca(FOX Sports)

Resolution 1280x720p H264/MKV

Did slight edit to video to cut unnecessary stuff and reduce size. Reduced size overall but tried keeping 720p resolution. You might see pixels.....

For future just like DJT said:

480p(DVD, regular TV quality) files are usually 350mb PER HALF

720p(HDTV,BluRay,etc) files will be roughly 700mb PER HALF

Like i said tried reducing Size while keeping Resolution 1280x720p is tricky have a look yourselves and provide feedback guys.

CANADA - USA 26Feb, 2013

First Half 420mb http://www.adrive.com/public/KqSEUZ/U20__26_02_2013_Canada_USA_1.mkv

Second Half 495mb http://www.adrive.com/public/y7upCd/U20__26_02_2013_Canada_USA_2.mkv

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