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A film/documentary on the CanWNT?

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Loosely translated by Google:

Bobbi Jo Hart, who filmed the Montreal pianist Marika Bournaki for eight years for his documentary The dream of Marika, now shines his camera on the Canadian women's soccer team, told La Presse.

The idea came to him following the team for the London Olympics last year. The spark plug? The setback from April to March of Canadian semi-final against the United States. We remember the captain Christine Sinclair, top scorer of the team, the referee Norwegian accused of having favored the Americans.

"I was fascinated by the journey of the team," tells the American director. "Canada was at the last World Cup that preceded the 2012 Olympics. They then hired a new coach (John Herdman) seven months from the start of the Games! Their defeat against the U.S. ended a recovery team. I wanted to know who these women were, whence this determination, how the team was rebuilt. It is a very human story."

The rest is known: despite the controversy surrounding the match against the United States, Canada won the bronze medal by defeating France 1-0. As for Christine Sinclair, FIFA has sanctioned for criticizing the work of the referee. She was fined $3,500 and suspended four games.

The working title of the film, Rise, refers to the slogan that had given the Canadian players during the games-- to motivate themselves in difficult times. "John Herdman has really boosted the team", explains Bobbi Jo Hart. "He managed to create a strong community spirit, motivating girls with respect. He is also in the process of introducing a new style of game (tikitaka). He really instilled new energy to this group of women. "

In the field and outside

As with Marika's Dream and She Got Game, which was a portrait of the Canadian tennis player Sonya Jeyaseelan, Rise will focus on the experiences of players on the field, but also off it. "I want to show the impact that sport can have in their lives. Sacrifices, successes, failures, love, sport allows me to address all these issues! The film will also explore the inferiority complex of Canadians compared to other teams. "

Filming began in Vancouver last December, during the training camp prior to the World Cup in China last January. The next shoot will take place in the championship of Cyprus, which will mark the return to play Christine Sinclair after her suspension. Bobbi Jo Hart wants to turn Rise to World Cup 2015, which will take place here in several Canadian cities, including Montreal.

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