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Q about CSL Foreign Players


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Hello fellow Voyageurs,

Quick question regarding foreigners wishing to ply their trade in the CSL. Do semi-professional teams offer papers, contracts to sponsor a foreigner who plays for their squad in order to stay in the country?

It may seem like a silly question but a cousin of mine currently in third division in Argentina is serious about giving it a go over here. I have no doubts he could easily make most teams starting XI, but Visas and such are a problem.

Any information is appreciated.

Cheers !

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clubs can offer invitation letters to help a player get a visa to come to Canada for a trial if they are so inclined to do so.

As long as the player has no criminal record, getting the travel visa should not be too tough.

If a club likes him and are prepared to offer him a contract, then he would need to cross the border to secure a special work visa for athletes/entertainers.

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