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How can we organise more friendlies in Central America & the Caribbean?

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It has become the prevailing notion amongst many (if not most) Voyageurs that our inability to perform in WCQs in key away matches has to do with our lack of playing time in settings specific to these countries.

...if we aren't playing in Central America and the Carribean, it's frankly a waste of time.

The problem has been accurately stated:

For those wondering why we don't play in Central America more, you have to be invited first. Why would one of those teams want to pay for us to travel all the way down there when they can just call on one of their neighbours? Or better yet, play each other in SoCal or one of the other latino havens in the States and make some hard cash?

Assuming we have limited means (no financial incentives would be offered from the CSA), what can we do?

Should we only look to play against "higher ranked" opponents on their soil(Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, T&T and Haiti)?

Should we also looks towards playing in more "mid-ranked" countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, Antigua & Barbuda)?

We all like to complain, but what is the solution?

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