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Canadians invited to USL Pro combine


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Wais Azizi 1984 - last with Royal Racing (Belgium 4th division)

Gavin Barrett 1990 - last with University of Victoria

Evan Beutler 1992 - West Alabama (2014)

Clint Couch - 1981 - Canadian passport/T&T citizen

Adam Hintz - 1989 - last with Univ of Charleston

Scott Hoogkamp - 1990 - last with Nipissing Univ

Shayn Kam - 1989 - last with Nipissing Univ

Moshee Kelyana - 1990 - Manhattanville

Erick Olazabal - 1991 - Manhattanville

Eros Olazabal - 1991 - Manhattanville

Mike Rinzerna - U of Montvello - Canadian passport/Italian citizen

Christopher Simm - 1988 - Wilmington U and Brampton City

Donavan Wilson - 1991 - Roberts Wesleyan College

A week late, but a list of the Canadian players according to the link above

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Guest ClaytonA

Sounds like Sasa Plavsic had a good USL Pro combine; hopefully he catches on with a USL Pro team or a NASL one if he doesn't head over to Europe:


Former Victoria Highlanders forward Sasa Plavsic had a very exciting 2013 USL PRO Combine at IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida, scoring 4 goals and 1 assist in three games. Sasa turned a few heads by displaying good technical and tactical skills, which he showed in every game he played.

The Highlanders were able to connect with Sasa and ask him about his experience during the Combine:

VH - Hi Sasa, we've heard alot of good things from down in Florida. Can you tell us how the combine was?

SP - The combine was a good experience overall. The weather was quite different then what we have up here. The facilities at the IMG academy were world class and the combine was run really well.

VH - 4 goals and 1 assist...did you expect that type of performance from yourself?

SP - Sometimes it is difficult to judge exactly how you will perform but doing the right things before the combine like training properly, preparing mentally and coming in fit definitely played a part. I went into the combine with a lot of confidence and believed in myself and good things came out of it.

VH - What did the coaches and scouts have to say?

SP - My coaches at the combine for Team 3, Duncan and Scott, were pleased with the way I played over the course of the combine.

VH - And the game, was it what you are used to?

SP - The game itself is not too different from what we play at the Highlanders. I would say maybe the American leagues put a bit more emphasis on the physical aspect of the game. I noticed that when we did the fitness and speed testing on Day 1.

Stories like this one encourage the club in our mission of helping in the development of young players in Canada.

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