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The Good


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I wanted to post this before the game when passions may cloud perspective. The good about this qualifying irrespective of today's outcome:

1) 7 points at home - tied with Panama for best in the group. Yeah, 9 is the ideal, and the one draw may haunt us, but compared to the past 3 cycles a huge improvement.

2) 3 points on the road - OK, 1 win, and we need another point to advance, but that one win is the reason why...

3) We are still in contention! Been a long while since this is the case. Last game and it is meaningful - a big improvement over the last 3 cycles! And,

4) Stingy defence. We've had a chance in every game, aside, perhaps from Panama City. If they don't score, we can't lose. Clean sheets in 4 of the five games. Solid defence and a heads up play is why we beat Panama.

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You're posting this as if we already lost already.

Nope, not intentionally at least. Everything stated remains the same no matter the result today. Win lose or draw, a lot of good things have happened so far. Keep in mind that perspective can be skewed by both a positive and a negative result.

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