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Fundraiser: Support Sinclair and the CanWNT By Paying Her Fine

Lord Bob

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As you know, Christine Sinclair was fined 3,000 Swiss francs earlier this week for being right about FIFA, about their refereeing, and about the shameless gifting of a medal to the United States at this past summer's Olympics. Rather than receive a groveling apology from FIFA and the promise of reform, the Canadian Soccer Association has paid out thousands of dollars for the sin of being honest and saying what everybody could see.

Former Vancouver 86er, Canadian senior men's international, and foremost British Columbia women's youth soccer coach has started up an IndieGoGo fundraiser to pay off the fine. It is at http://www.indiegogo.com/support-sinclair. The goal is to raise $3,500, which is near enough to 3,000 Swiss francs plus IndieGoGo's commission.

I quote the fundraising page:

If we don't reach the $3500 goal, I've selected the option that lets us keep what is raised minus the 9% that indiegogo.com keeps. If we reach our goal, Indiegogo keep must 4%.

But serioulsy, if we cannnot raise $3500 in 30 days for Christine Sinclair there's a bigger problem than the actual fine and suspension we need to address.

The campaign is 30 days long. At that point funds will be sent to my credit card. I will guarantee to have funds in the hands of Christine or a representative of hers within 72 hours of receiving the funds from Indiegogo.

I plan to donate and I urge you all to do so and to spread the word. It's not just about the money. It's about making a statement: Canada backs Sinclair and its women's team, and is willing to back them with more than just words.

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