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Cuba Ticket Update

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There was a round of tickets that were sent out today via xpresspost. Anyone who ordered before the deadline should be seeing their tickets either tomorrow or Friday.

There are few stragglers that will go out tomorrow too. I ran out of 115 tickets as I had to swap around some of the larger groups so they could be together.

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Hi Jamie. Ordered a ticket on Jun 22nd and haven't gotten it yet. Got the 2 I ordered last month today though. Should I expect another one in the post? If not, I don't mind picking up at Gossip before the game as I'm heading to Toronto on Wed for work.

It was shipped, just regular mail on Friday or Sunday night.

Ottawa may take a bit extra...

Not sure why I missed consolidating those.

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Still seats remaining for 116 and 117, so it may not be the same as the Panama game, but I'm optimistic that it will be a great turnout nonetheless!

Well. 116 is probably sold out, waiting for the final numbers tonight.

Some people who have bought 116 may be getting bumped to 117.

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