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Game 5Canada vs Cuba Oct 12th WCQ (Anything less than a win is unacceptable)


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So I was able to find this:

Víctor León Guevara será el comisario del Canadá-Cuba, del 12 de octubre en el estadio BMo de Toronto, Víctor Garza desempeñará la misma función del Panamá-Honduras, también del 12 de octubre, en el estadio Rommel Pacheco, de la ciudad de canalera.


but what does a commissioner do? Still no ref info or squad info.


Got it.

Canadá vs. Cuba

Toronto, Ontario

Estadio: BMO

Árbitro: Javier Santos (Puerto Rico)

Asistente 1: Antonio López (Puerto Rico)

Asistente 2: Jairo Morales (Puerto Rico)

Cuarto Árbitro: William Anderson (Puerto Rico)

Asesor de Árbitros: Donald Wilbur (USA)

Comisario: Víctor León Guevara Gallegos (México)

So the ref will be Javier Santos of Puerto Rico. What do you guys know about him?

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So the ref will be Javier Santos of Puerto Rico. What do you guys know about him?



He refereed Toronto FC's 5-1 win over CD Aguila



I guess TFC fans can comment on him as a ref, although they may hold him in too high a regard because TFC actually scored 5 goals in one game ;)

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The cold weather means more running and the hope is the Cubans run out of gas faster than us. The logic behind this being that it's much easier to raise cardio fitness in a Euro or NA climate than in the tropics.

Tell that to all the Ethiopians/Kenyans who dominate long distance running in the Olympics! :P

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