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Panama vs Canada Sept 11th London Betting Fixture


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In all fairness most places have us under 5.0

Per WSN average odds are

Panama 1.78

Draw 3.35

Canada 4.36

Which seems a bit more logical. I mean we haven't won a meaningful match in Central America since...1996? Can't really blame them for not being too high on us.

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Shocking odds movement as we approach game time.

Current Betfair odds are:

Panama 2.20

Draw 3.30

Canada 4.10

tbh I think Panama should be closer to 1.70. Seems to me too much weight is being put on Friday's result and not enough on the loss of Occean and Canada's record in Central America ..

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Hopefully the bettors know something we don't :)

Bet 365 odds (to convert to decimal just add 1...for example +110 = 2.10 etc)

Panama: +110

Draw: +210

Canada: +275

Goalscorers (first/any)

Tejada +500/+175

Perez +600/+220

De Rosario +700/+260

Jackson +900/+333

McKenna +1800/+700

Hainault +5000/+2200


0-0 +600

1-0 Canada +750

1-0 Panama +450

1-1 +500

2-1 Panama +750

2-1 Canada +1400

2-0 Panama +750

5-1 Canada +50000

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