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WC Qualification CONCACAF 2014 Brazil STANDINGS - 7th Sep UPDATE


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Group A

Jamaica 7(+2)

Guatemala 4(+1)

USA 4(+1)

Antigua & Barbuda 1(-4)

Antigua & Barbuda - Guatemala @ 7pm EDT

USA - Jamaica @ 8pm EDT

Group B

Mexico 9(+5)

Costa Rica 4(+2)

El Salvador 2(-1)

Guyana 1(-6)

Guyana - El Salvador @ 8pm EDT

Mexico - Costa Rica @ 9pm EDT

Group C

CANADA 7(+2)

Panama 6(+2)

Honduras 4(+1)

Cuba 0(-5)

Panama - CANADA @ 905pm EDT

Honduras - Cuba @ 930pm EDT

In brackets are the Goal Differentials, I will keep updating the standings as they change. Top 2 from each group make it to the HEX.

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Guatemala must win their next game at Antigua & Barbuda. I expect a win from the US when they will play home against Jamaica. Then Guatemala must win at home against Jamaica.

This would be the ideal situation but my feeling is Guatemala won't be able to get a win next game because they got scored first in every game so far in this qualification round.

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Looks like group B will be decided by El Salvador having to win at home vs Costa Rica to make it out, if we get the expected results in matches involving Mexico and Guyana.

Looks like group A will be decided by Guatemala having to win at home vs Jamaica with a chance to pip them if they also get a result away to the US. Otherwise goal differential tied at 10 pts. If the expected results with the US and A&B happen.

However, it seems like the minnows for these groups are causing a lot more trouble than our Cuban friends, so who knows.

Personally, I'd rather see Jamaica bow out at this point so that they don't appear to be a viable choice for any fence sitters, if you know what I mean.

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I doubt part of this will happen but could you imagine if USA somehow didn't make the hex and we did? I know USA will probably make it but if they didn't that would greatly increase our chances of completing mission 2014

I don't know about that, a weaker team might come in their place but everyone can take points off them. The US tend to clean up their act in the hex and will be a tough sell for just about everyone, but I think we can take at least a point or three off of them where other teams might take 0.

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