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Steven Vitória


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Interesting. The article sates that Vitoria refused an offer from the Caps last year because "he didn't want to play in Vancouver." And that the Union had to send the Caps allocation money to complete this deal.

Wonder if that's because of the turf. Otherwise, why would you NOT want to play in Vancouver. The city is a gem.

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On the conference call between Vitoria and media, Vitoria was asked aobut Canada and said "I'd never say no to Canada, but I do want to settle in Philly first"


Those comments are similar to what he said in 2012.... 


“I would never rule out playing for Canada,” Vitoria stated.


Much different tone than in 2007 when he thought he was the next figo. He's come to the realization that he isn't going to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo it seems. 


Benito is definitely calling him to gauge interest then. If Vitoria cements his starting position to start the season I can see him in camp for a friendly. 

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Its even worse than that though. Check out this article:



He says he chose Portugal over Canada, then a paragraph later, he says he has never turned down Canada in the past.


If he succeeds here, Vítoria could also get back on the radar of the Canadian national team. I say "get back" because he was approached in 2007 to play for the Canadian U-20 team at the World Championships, but he chose to play for Portugal instead. He still has eligibility to play for Canada's senior national team, though, if he files paperwork with FIFA to make a one-time nationality switch.

I asked Vítoria whether coming to MLS might help him get back onto the international stage.

"I'd never say no to Canada," he answered. "I've never said no, I’d like to make that clear. But Philly is where I’m focused on, and the future will tell how things unfold."

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I don't have time to look it up, but it's possible he had already played for Portugal in a qualifier leading up to the 2007 U20's and would not have been able to play for us anyways? Or maybe he said he was undecided and Canada never called back or some other technicality.


BTW, when i asked Nick Dasovic on the conference call prior to 2008 Olympic qualifiers he said he ask Vitoria to play and Vitoria accepted but he had already turned 21 and was ineligible to switch under the old rules.

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We need to select the best players available!


If he or anyone is willing to play NOW for the reds and is better than what we currently have, then they need to play.

We are in no position to turn down anyone.


Less we forget: 112 in FIFA, 16 in CONCACAF rankings.


This applies to Vitoria, Hoillet, Akindele, Finlay, Opare?

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Akindele, Vitoria, Hoilett and Finlay are all still eligible and none have yet publicly shot down the idea of playing for Canada. That is positive if you want to play the optimist role. It is still possible that some or even all of these guys are lacing up for us during this WCQ cycle. Things could technically end up looking like this:



Legderwood--Henry--Vitoria----de Jong






G Stamatopolis

D Jakovic

D Hainault

M Teibert

M de Guzman

F Finlay

F Cavillni


That is a great squad for Canada based solely on talent, and admittedly chemistry would an issue initially, but would it be accompanied by pride to represent the Maple Leaf? 

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