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Our October FIFA rank


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Wow, because of September losses coming off for us, and devaluing, I just did the math on their neat calculator tool for our FIFA ranking (I know they are bunk, and crap, but whatever, for those who DO care, here's the results, notable because more interesting than usual for what could happen...

Starting Points for Sept 5 ranking: 454 - 73rd in the world, 8th in CONCACAF

Here are the scenarios

Lose both games against Panama: 417 points

Naturally that drops us in the standings, but not as horribly as you'd think. Probably about 85th in the world, and 10th or 11th in CONCACAF

Lose and draw: 450 points. Teams would be moving around us, but for all general purposes, this scenario that noone wants to see would hardly effect our ranking negatively at all.

Two draws: 483 points. That should move us up in the rankings slightly. Probably about 65th in the world, up one or two in CONCACAF, depending on whether the teams close to us (Honduras, El Salvador) in points win or lose.

Win one, lose one: 517 points. About the same as two draws, but a little better, probably by about 5 spots in world ranking, and another spot in CONCACAF

Win one, draw one: 549 points. HUGE jump. Depending on how Jamaica and Costa Rica hold up against USA and Mexico, could vault us into third in CONCACAF. Could and SHOULD do. About 55th to 60th worldwide.

Two wins against Panama: 615 points. Would make us one of the biggest movers worldwide, and jump us about 25 spots on the FIFA rankings. (Hard to predict with all the internationals going on...lots of people will be moving in points, mostly in positive directions. But it would practically assure us of 3rd spot in CONCACAF as well. Jamaica and Costa Rica would have to win both of their games against USA and Mexico and still would be in the single digits only ahead of us in points.

I know this is mostly irrelevant info, but I know some guys on here are curious as to how it would work, so I thought i'd do my best to explain the scenarios a little bit. Again if you are wondering why it's so positive, it's because losses are dropping off and being devalued from past competitive matches in September, and that will effect our standings just as big as results against Panama will.

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The results are in, here's where we'll end up, only did top 12 teams. (would have done more, but Gold Cup Qualifiers aren't done yet, so the results would be inaccurate till later.

Where we were

1) Mexico - 845

2) USA - 697

3) Panama - 591

4) Jamaica - 515

5) Costa Rica - 487

6) El Salvador - 481

7) Honduras - 460

8) Canada - 454

9) Haiti - 439

10) Trinidad & Tobago - 420

11) Guatemala - 384

12) Antigua & Barbuda - 340

Where we will be

1) Mexico - 925

2) USA - 720

3) Panama - 625

4) Jamaica - 583

5) Canada - 516

6) Honduras - 500

7) Haiti - 495

8) Costa Rica - 465

9) Trinidad & Tobago - 442

10) El Salvador - 441

11) Guatemala - 431

12) Antigua & Barbuda - 324

So Canada goes to 5th in the region for the first time since April of 2010.

Again I know these rankings are meaningless in many ways, but doing this just for those who might be curious where FIFA has us stacked up. And remember that eventually they won't be meaningless, as the top 6 teams don't have to qualify in the 2nd round in CONCACAF, so that's a reason to want to end up top 6 eventually.

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I think I'd rather be 7th so we can play in the second round again. I don't like our chances starting cold in the third round.

I don't think that'll really be an option since all those upcoming wins in the Hex will boost our ranking for quite a while... Not to mention a couple World Cup upsets. eh???!!

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