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CSL 2012--Week 16

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Result of the Friday August 17, 2012 CSL game between

TFC Academy vs SC Waterloo played at Downsview Park

in North York at 8:00pm.

11 min...SCW Drazen Vukovic GOAL...SCW Adis Hasecic rushes

on left and cross into TFCA box for an SCW player to tap

back pass to Vukovic for 12 yard blast into center of net

just under bar past goalie Adam Street.

44 min...TFCA Joshua Janniere is knocked over just inside

the SCW box and referee Alexis Vaughan awards a Penalty

kick and gives a Yellow card to SCW Nemanja Simeunovic.

45 min...TFCA Sergio Camargo shoots Penalty kick low and

goalie Imad Hakura dives right to push ball wide. TFCA

players work ball back into box while the SCW players

are celebrating the play but eventually the ball

is fired over the net.

46 min (2nd Half)...TFCA Mario Orestano GOAL...Orestano

heads in 6 yarder into left side of net over flying goalie

on cross from left that was sent in from TFCA

Sergio Camargo from 15 yards.

69 min...TFCA Mario Orestano GOAL...Orestano scores

on diving header from 4 yards on left into left side

of net. TFCA Joshua Janniere crossed in from 15 yards

on right.

76 min...TFCA Mario Kovacevic GOAL...Kovacevic scores

on flying header at 3 yards to center of net. TFCA

Joshua Janniere crossed from 12 yards near right endline.

84 min...TFCA Adrian Avila GOAL...TFCA Mario Kovacevic

rolls centering pass from right and Avila turns and

blasts 20 yard shot just under bar into left side of net.

Final Score:....TFC Academy........4.....SC Waterloo....1..

Attendance was about 125 on this warm evening with the

temperature falling quickly as the sun set. Some fans

were singing but that wasn't until the second half.

Most of the first half was played in the Waterloo end

but the SCW club looked more offensive minded in the

second half but that's when TFCA scored all their


The flying headers reminded me of the Toronto FC MLS

game on Wednesday against Portland with Eric Hassli

making a diving header to get the ball into the center

of the box for Luis Silva to score. There were a few

of those plays in tonight's game by TFCA. SCW had some

good give and go plays.

Best non-scoring chances were at 17 minutes when TFCA Nikola

Paunic slid in to poke the ball away and knocked the ball

with his arm away from SCW Drazen Vukovic when he came rushing

into the box from the right and only a cornerkick was given.

27 minutes had TFCA Nicholas Lindsay leapt and take a 6 yard

header down the middle that the goalie swatted away.

Two minutes later Sergio Camargo deked the goalie in the box

but the fallen goalie reached back and grabbed the

ball off him. 52 minutes had a SCW cornerkick from the right

have SCW Adis Hasecic flick-foot an 8 yard shot over the net.

58 minutes had SCW Mirza Colic itercept a clearance and chip

from 25 yards in the middle to Vukovic who shot from 15 yards

on the left and hit the bar.

TFCA's Nicholas Lindsay continues to recoup from an off season

injury before the 2011 season and hasn't played in the MLS

in either 2011 and 2012. He played a strong 68 minutes tonight

as a winger.

Another goal for SCW captain Drazen Vukovic which would bring

his total up to 11 this year and is among the top 3 scorers.

The players were communicating in serbian from what I could

figure out.

The win for TFC Academy improves their record to 9-3-2

good for 3rd place. SC Waterloo stays in 11th place

with a now 6-8-0 record.

Rocket Robin


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I'll have highlights to that game later today as well, just thought I'd mention that SC Toronto finished last night up 5-0 on London. We had heard over the announcements it was 1-0 SC Toronto at half (good game) but apparently Jonathan Osorio got a hattrick and Kyle Hall got the brace by the end of the game.

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Result of the Sunday August 19, 2012 CSL game between

Brampton City United and Niagara United played at

Victoria Park Stadium in Brampton at 3:00pm.

7 min...BCU David Velastegui GOAL...BCU Kevin McIntosh

takes 25 yard freekick from the right that has BCU

Mark Jankovic at 5 yards on left head ball across box

and Velastegui nod 2 yarder on right into right side

of net with goalie Jonathan Bruggeling trapped

in center of net.

**(The CSL web site listed Mark Jankovic as the goal scorer

so possibly the ball was already in before Velastegui

got to it).

8 min...NU Mohammed Mohammed is pulled down by BCU

Mark Jankovic just inside BCU box. Referee gives

Jankovic a Yellow card and awards a Penalty kick.

9 min...NU Mohammed Mohammed GOAL...Mohammed rolls

Penalty kick just inside left post as goalie Eurloge

Awitor Kodzo dives right.

79 min...NU Marco Stencel rolls pass forward on left

that NU Mohammed Mohammed gets to and draws Penalty


80 min...NU Anthony Mermigas GOAL...Mermigas blasts

Penalty kick low to left side of net as goalie

dives right.

Final Score:....Brampton City United.....1.....

Niagara United........2......

Attendance started off slow but grew to about 125

on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the

south west. Some Niagara fans yelled out

"Let's go United" but it's the name of both teams.

90 minutes had the Niagara goalie called for picking up

a backpass at about 6 yards when a defender under pressure

from a BCU forward passed back from 10 yards. Niagara

packed the box with all their players on the goalline

and on the indirect freekick, BCU David Guzman was tapped

back the ball and blasted a shot from 8 yards over the

defenders' heads but off the bar and the NU goalie was

able to scramble to the left to smother the ball.

BCU played today without Milos Scepanovic and Alex Braletic.

Scepanovic's league leading 12 goals were certainly missed.

I never received a clear answer as to why they

weren't starting or at least on the bench. Their names

had been written in as starters on the game sheet but

were scratched off.

Niagara's record moves to 5-7-2 but stay in 14th place.

Brampton falls to 6-5-3 and is tied for 9th with Serbian

White Eagles but have played one less game.

Both team's Reserves clubs played a 2nd Division

game at the conclusion of this match but I drove off

to get over to Vaughan and see the York Region vs

North York game.

Rocket Robin


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sorry, I know you asked Robin but I can add a bit too(or least will be able to soon). I've been interested in seeing the Impact academy this year too so I'm already aware they'll be at Downsview Sept 14th and Esther Shiner on Sept 28th. I wouldn't be surprised if Robin had already caught a few Impact games this year, so hopefully he can answer that but either way, their should be coverage in about a month.

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Robin, do you have any informations about Impact U21? It seems that their roster is weaker, some players left the team in last weeks or injuries maybe? What about Vukovic? Official website stopped to provide informations about their academy.

I haven't seen the Impact U-21 since June 22nd. I don't know any inside stuff about them. The 'graduated' one player to their pro club and that was defender Karl Ouimette. The CSL website news reports were setting up matches and said they hadn't won since July 1st (until this past weekend). I do expect to see them those two games in the Toronto area next month.

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Result of the Sunday August 19, 2012 CSL game between

York Region Shooters and North York Astros played at

St Joan of Arc CHS at 6:30pm.

53 min...Astros Brian Lucas Alcantara takes a 40 yard shot

from the right and Astros Micael Tischer is pulled down

in the box. Referee Mack Meloche awards the Astros

a Penalty kick.

55 min...Astros Kurt Damian Ramsey GOAL...Ramsey

banks his Penalty kick shot off the inside of the left post

and into the net as goalie Camilo Benzi keeps running

back and forth along the line and is caught on the right

when the shot was taken.

59 min...YRS Andre Manders GOAL...Manders gets to

partial clearance and blasts 28 yard shot down the middle

through a crowd of players and the ball deflects off

a defender and bounces low into the center of the net

past diving goalie Enea Perego.

84 min...YRS Sargan Mate GOAL...YRS Desmond

Humphrey sends a short pass from the left after the

YRS players came out on a fast break and Mate takes

a low 12 yard shot from the left that rolls under the

diving goalie into the center of the net.

86 min...YRS Kadian Lecky is tugged over from

behind on the right side of the Astros box and

YRS are awarded a Penalty kick.

89 min...YRS Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky blasts

Penalty kick to the top left corner past the flying


95 min...game ends 8:27pm.

Final Score:.....York Region Shooters.......3.....

North York Astros.......1..........

Attendance was about 80 on this warm night

with the sun setting in the north west and the

temperature cooling quickly.

When I first saw the game sheets for both

teams and starting positions given I thought it was

a joke that the Shooters listed 1 goalie,

2 defenders, 9 midfielders and 0 forwards.

Astros were listed as 1 goalie, 6 defenders,

3 midfielders and 1 forward. Certainly when

the game started that's not how they lined up

although only Sean Beck acted as a forward

for the Astros. After the first few minutes I could

see that the Astros were packing their box whenever

Shooters had the ball—so maybe six defenders

wasn't an exaggeration. Both halfs were played

mostly in the Astros end.

Astros first good chance was in the second half and

they scored on it with the Penalty kick call. Sometimes

it only takes one good chance like when we all cheered

when Canada's Womens team beat France for the

bronze medal at the Olympics. The goal against them

got the Shooters to come on even stronger and they

equalized within four minutes.

Best flurry was at 64 minutes when YRS Desmond

Humphrey sent in a cornerkick from the left over

to YRS Alex Trujillo who had two 7 yard shots blocked

point blank by the goalie near the right post.

Shooters record improves to 7-1-8 and a tie for

3rd place with TFC Academy although they have

played one more game. Astros record falls

to 2-14-1 and stay in 15th place.

Rocket Robin


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Not sure, I haven't really heard anything about him since earlier this year, maybe he's been hurt or left the team? Or maybe I just haven't heard much personally.

He has not been tweeting much about soccer, it seems hes just livin life in Toronto, hope to hear something soon.

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