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Shady Reffing Continues in Final

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^ I share and agree with your view point. The evidence is clear that the only way the wambitches can win is by cheating. I hope their federation will sanction them and their coach.

Well look at it this way. So much Joy for the USA, but no league to show it off in and every squad member will now have to get a day Job.... Ah well never mind eh?;)

Canada's girls WILL come home national Hero's but the USA girls will probably be relativley unknows unless they form a dance troupe. Hope Solo could show 'em how.

Slightly off thread but Arsenal Ladies are tapping up the Irish boxer who won gold, as she apparently got 11 caps for Eire and is quite handy up front.

May be the league for look out for may Ironicaly be the one in the England, if the FA don't screw it up that is.

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People should see this video...


On the non- handball, also look at what the US defenders are doing in the background.

None of it was called.....

Thanks for the video ! I heard about it but I had not seen it yet ! Disgusting !

But what else can you expect from a sport that doesn't want to rely on new technologies even to allow/disallow a goal ? A sport that call "hand of God" uncalled cheating by Maradona in a world cup or let Thierry Henry go away with a clear handball that led to Ireland elimination, or missing a clear goal by England in a world cup game ? Many (most) sports use instant replays, photo finish or other means to help the refs not to make any mistakes.

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